Such Little Things In Life

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We all remember our birth dates, anniversaries, the first school we went to and what not but what about the first fictional character we fell in love with or the first ‘thank you’ note someone wrote to you or someone offered you a seat in metro when you were in so much pain (people who can read other people’s mind should travel often) etc. I mean it is these little things that make life a lot easier to deal with and make us feel alive.

Finding money in the pocket

Nothing can give more happiness than finding money in your pocket unexpectedly. Also, the amount doesn’t matter, be it 10rs or 100rs, happiness is still the same.

Having a long conversation with a long lost friend

Oh my god!! It’s a treasure to me when I haven’t spoken to someone since ages and suddenly we hit each other on call and talk for hours where every conversation starts with “Do you remember…?”

Rain, Book, and Coffee

Ok, so I don’t like rains if I have stepped out of my house. And nothing can give me as much pleasure as rain does when I can curl up on the sofa with my book, coffee, and some amazing retro music.

A genuine smile from a stranger

I don’t know if this happens to you guys or not, but since I have to travel quite a good distance every day, I tend to see similar faces almost every day and trust me when I say this, even though you don’t know each other just a smile and greeting each other from a distance is all you need to make your morning perfect.

Waking up early and realizing you have hours to sleep

Oh my god, that sense of conquering the world is so apt when you wake up hours before your alarm for no reason.

The smell of soil after rain, new book, and petrol

( Error 101: No words can describe this)

Your favorite song on FM

I know the radio is an old man thing but I don’t know for some reason I still get excited when they play my favorite song ( not the one I am currently listening on loop).

When you turn on the TV and your favourite movie is just starting

I don’t watch TV much so whenever I watch Tv (once in a blue moon) this excites me the most.

Unfollowing someone you don’t like


The sense of relief of not torturing yourself with the existence of that person in your social media life, uff.

Correctly guessing something when you have no idea

The only question is why it doesn’t work in exams? But we all have that one friend with whom our “guessing game” is strong. Need such souls in life.

Slipping into shorts or pyjamas after suffocating your legs in those tight jeans

Fellas if you’re reading this then one of the reasons why I crib to go back home early is because of this. I hope you understand. Sincere apologies.

The other day I was stuck in rain and this sweet school girl offered me to share her umbrella.

We all know how difficult it is to be out late at night in places like Delhi NCR and it was around 10 pm when I was waiting for an auto from Vaishali metro station to my home, couldn’t find one but then this one auto stop by. No Horror Story. Luckily I knew the auto driver since he has dropped me home several times and seeing me out late at night, he said," Vo toh me aapko janta tha isliye puch lia varna toh me ghar ja rha tha”. Such sweet gestures do make you feel happy and genuinely brightens up your day.

You know your worries will start to fade when you live to worry less and enjoy the little things in your life ‘cause

nothing really matters

if we could swing

with the little things.

Happiness is acting like a kid in front of closed ones.


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Wow what a beautiful article
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Thank you so much Shriya 🌸
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:) :D
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:) :D