Stop Idolising Society's Idol Body

Jul 23, 2019   •  37 views

SHE: Skinny or not skinny, it's ok.

Curves or no curves, it's ok.

What 'not ok' is bashing someone for their looks and sexuality.

No, it is not ok to joke around and no, it is not just a joke. Also, I'll be offended by it and yes, I don't understand your shitty humour 'cause those words aren't said for laughter but are objectifying my body type to a certain prejudiced type of a body.

HE: Is body hair growth the only validation to masculinity? Also, why is it necessary to validate masculinity or femininity?

Why are abs corroborated to be the 'attention-seeking' part of the male human body? I mean firstly, I don’t have a perfect body type to show off the way you want from guys and secondly, why are my ‘physical strengths’, a synonym to masculinity?

Body Shaming

noun: the action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size.

We all have been through this and to be honest somewhere down the line we have body shamed someone else too unintentionally and accidentally. And forget others, we have self-deprecated our thoughts, despising our body and comparing ourselves unfavorably to those unrealistically acclaimed beauty tagged standards.

And I am short heightened so I will definitely take an offense if someone comes up to me and tells me to increase my height ‘cause otherwise no one will marry me. I mean what is up with our society that a) it is better if you are taller b) the girl’s height should be shorter than the guy’s height? I mean what even!? Who sets such pathetic rules? Mummy ko bolo complan pilayeWhy? Will I be less of a human if I am short heightened or way too tall?

Then the icing on the ‘body shaming cake’ is done with ‘ you are too hot for xyz’.

Dear doofuses, please buy some brain cells worthy enough to eradicate the toxic cells of the vacuous mentality of setting and comparing standards with others.

Then comes the cherry on this atrocious cake which is body hair shaming. Ok, please tell me why is a guy suddenly gay just because he has shaved his body hair and as per the society’s norms, he doesn’t have enough-developed muscles? And why is a girl less feminine if she hasn’t shaved her body hair? (Ok, first of all, please invent a pill which lessens the intensity of pain women go through in waxing and also, we don’t shave our body hair to show off our beautiful soft skin but rather we do this for hygiene purposes. So, please don’t give yourself much of importance).

I am completely fine if I am fat or skinny and it will be my choice if I want to lose or gain weight. Also, since I haven’t asked your doltish suggestions so I’ll refer you to keep your opinions in your ass. To all the victims of body shame, please love yourself unabashedly and unapologetically openly. And don’t be afraid of dressing your sexuality in the fear of being shamed rather flaunt it the way YOU like it.



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I can truly feel this article . You did a really good job Esha writing this article , keep it up 👍
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Thank you so much. I'm glad you like it ^_^
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Thank you so much Shu. Always had your support :* ❤️
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Well put and expressed article. I love the qoutes by Ariel and this all written is so true. Loved it!