Unicorns and rainbows in those fairy tales

came out alive in the LGBT parade.

"Are you born gay?"

someone asked him.

No, Lady Gaga told me

savagely he exclaimed.

Sexuality shouldn't matter

when love is in the air,

for the filthy mindsets will leave you

once the rainbow starts to show its glare.

Don't call your guy friend, a gay

'cause he is wearing pink.

Pink defines unconditional love

so let him flaunt it with a wink.

Question: Is being gay contagious?

Oh! yes, it is.

For I take pride in

'them' being vivacious.



Why are 'they' called 'they' and

why are 'we' called 'we'?

NO 'they' and 'we' aren't just pronouns

Why is there a difference between them and

who are 'we' to decide that?

Why are 'we' heterosexual and

'they' homosexual?

And how are 'homosexuals' different

when 'hetero' means different?

Isn't it an old man thing

that we see 'them' with disgrace

when there is so much more

about everyone to embrace?

Is it the black shirt

that makes him look straight?


Is it that pink or purple shade of lipstick

that makes him gay?

Isn't it beautiful to live

and wear rainbow colors on sleeves

when unicorns are your zodiac animals

and worn-out minds your pet peeves?

Dear 'straight people',

accept all the colors and

believe in pride 'cause

it isn't a trend but PRIDE.