" I miss you"

" I miss you too "

" Please come back :'( "

" I wish I could but you know I can't "

"View photo"

" Reply to..."

Long Distance Friendship, ah ( Yes, it's a thing). I mean even we have problems. Also, why hasn't Bollywood made any song on long distance friendship? I mean I won't be singing to 'yeh dooriyan' whenever I will miss her.

Obviously, I get jealous whenever you put up stories and post on Instagram of you enjoying with your 'new friends'. Things which we planned on to doing together turns out to be your fun experience with them.

I get it we live in a digital world and technology has made our lives easier but video calls can never give that feeling of homeliness. I mean those extra seconds long hug makes me forget all my worries and comforts my anxious nerves.

And oh my god!! All my gups had to be put on hold until our next call.

This message is directed to my parents and to all those parents who are reading this, I know we have to study and hours-long calls annoy you the most but we can't help it. You were always given an alternative to book our flight tickets but since you didn't even consider that as an option hence we are bound to talk for hours.

And all our traditions are missed when we are separated but trust me, one tradition will never be outdated that is, to call half an hour prior to 12 am on each other's birthday.

Crashing at your place abruptly is something that I miss more than I miss you where uncle and aunty gave me more attention than to their adopted child ( I am confused, were you picked up from the trash near your place or an orphanage).

The World Stops when we see each other after ages because everything in this world needs to be paused for us to look at each other's ugly faces, to talk non stop and to chuck the world out there. And how idiotic yet lively it is that when we meet, every conversation of ours start with "Do you remember...?".

I miss you.

See you soon (and if you don't then please die in the gutter)

Lots of courage to your family.