Thank you.

Thank you for carrying the responsibility of collective dreams every time you walked into that 22-yard pitch with so much zeal and calmness. Thank you for making us feel for the sport and bounding us to love the game even more. Thank you for making millions of fans fall for your cool captaincy, decency, and simplicity. And most importantly, thank you for being a true gentleman and my idol.

The Ranchi boy interested in football went on to impress the world with his lightning-fast stumpings. C'mon we all know that when Dhoni says, "it's an out", we know it is an out. The umpire just has to do his job by raising his index finger above his head signaling the batsman that he is out, that's it. Being as quick as the speed of flash and stumping the batsman within a span of blinking your eyes , that is what makes him who he is today.

In 2004, the world saw a player with the jersey number 7 playing for India and till today I have never stopped chanting your name 'Dhoni Dhoni' whenever you walk in that field. And how can I forget my favourite childhood memory of cricket - 'Dhoni ke lambe lambe baal, O Dhoni '.

Winning 2007 T20 World cup, 2011 ICC Cricket World cup and 2013 1CC champions trophy under your captaincy, will always be remembered for it was the captain cool himself who took the Indian team on the journey of victories.

And how can we forget that moment when you stopped batting in the middle of the game to correct the fielding position of the opponent team? I mean who does that? Undoubtedly Mahendra Singh Dhoni himself who never fails to impart knowledge and give cricket advice to whosoever seeks for it, be it the opponent team or the juniors in the Indian cricket team.

I don't know what your decision is but the day you step off that cricket pitch, the world will bid adios to a legend whom we all looked up to since our childhood days. I'll miss chanting 'Mahi Mahi' in every match that India plays and will always be thirsty for your perfectly sharped helicopter shots hitting the ball over the boundary into the crowd and making us go gaga over you.

That day, the world will *bleed blue* in pride for the achievements of the jersey no. 7 Indian player who has been a terrific personality in the world of Cricket and off cricket as well.


One of your millions fans.

Dhoni finishes off in style, it’s a magnificent strike into the crowd, India lifts the world cup after 28 years. The party has started in the dressing room. And it’s an Indian captain, who has been absolutely magnificent on the night of the finals.


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Well written, also do check out my articles
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Yup. I shall do it asap. Got loaded with shit loads of work. :)
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And thank you so much :)
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Thank you Kshitiz ^_^
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