9 Silly Things We Believed As Children

Jul 21, 2019   •  30 views

Oh my god! This is such an immense relief to think about all those silly things that we used to believe when we were kids, without having any nervous breakdown. And it is so funny while even writing that we were so dumb and pure-hearted that we used to believe anything and everything that our elders used to tell us.

1. I always used to think that actors and actresses in the movies sing songs of their movies. The concept of singers (non-actors) never occurred to me (L-O-L). So, I used to be like Shahrukh Khan sang that song so beautifully (I'm already feeling embarrassed).

2. I know this is something that many of us still believe (it's ok if you don't wanna accept openly) that as soon as you turn off the lights, magically there are ghosts and evil spirits around you (spirits are everywhere though. Even as you are reading my article, spirits are next to you :p ).

3. To follow up the belief mentioned above, we were also scared in the nights while sleeping that there is a ghost living under our bed and its hand might drag us under the bed ( Damm it was shit scary).

4. Traffic lights always fascinated me as a kid and I think everyone must have thought this that there were little people inside the traffic lights who pressed buttons to make them change from green to red to yellow.

5. If you pulled your blanket up over you then nothing could get you and I don't know why I still believe this (L-O-L).

I mean I treat it like the Harry Potter Cloak.

6. And oh my god, this is another level of insanity that we believed as a child that if we swallowed seeds of any fruit or vegetables, it might grow inside our stomach (I mean what even :p LMAO) .

7. Ok, guys. I still don't know why I used to think this but as a child, I used to think that the characters on screen actually live inside the TV ( Umm. If this is only me then I accept I was the dumbest child).

8. But everyone must have believed this that before color tv was invented, the whole world was in black & white for real.

9. And OK guys, just admit it. You know you believed this that the girl gets pregnant if she kisses a boy (WE BELIEVED THIS GUYS. It is time we accept this openly). I mean what? I am laughing so loudly while writing this 'cause imagine if this was real. OK, Don't imagine.

There are more countless silly things that we believed as children like if we didn't eat our food this evil man will come and take us away and what not. But do you know what? To think of it now, it makes me think how innocent we were as kids and somewhere in the rush of growing up, we have lost that innocence (Not saying to believe such stupid things). Being mature is cool and all but it is evenly ok to be stupid and act like a kid on some days (It makes you relive your childhood days).

I still want to wake up to my Christmas gift under my pillow on Christmas morning.

It feels surreal that we never discussed this relationship of *parents & children* with our parents and never made them suspicious of us somehow knowing the fact that they were our Santa. And also, it is so loving to see that our parents made so much efforts to be never unmasked as a Santa in front of their children.

It is these beautiful memories that make our childhood so special and awesome.