Global app downloads exceeded 175 billion in 2017. In fact, users spent in excess of $86 billion on apps alone. Each app user spent 43 days on their apps per year, a growth of 30% from 2015.

On an average, a user in India accesses approx 40 apps per month from the 80 odd apps they installed on their smartphone. As for app expenditures in 2017, Indian usersspent most on Netflix. India surpasses Us to become the second country to have maximum number of app downloads. The reason behind ths spike in app usage is due to cheap data costs to consumers in the country.

After inroduction of Jio 4G netrwork video consumption increased more than 6 times . As a result Hotstar has become the most popular video streaming service in India.

Globally over 2 billion users at least use one of the top 5 social apps which includes facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter, messenger.

When it comes to video streaming services like youtube, netflix usage in India increased exponentially



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