When ever we look at the walls we see something which constantly reminds us of how easily it flies away, it slips like the sand, it blows like the wind, and it rules us like a king, no one can hold it or no one can stop it. That's small little thing can make us or break us, it has the power to define our existence. It fears nothing. It is as fair as anything, what ever you give it will give u back. It is a binder and a constant reminder. Yes it is TIME the mastermind.

Yes time is the mastermind behind every plan. If it is not the right time then you cannot do it and if you are not doing it on the right time then nothing can make it happen. Time is very precious and no one should waste it because what ever we do we cannot get it back, we all have heard “time and tide waits for none”, and this is the best suited proverb as tide does not wait for anyone, in the same manner time also does not wait for anyone. So we should grab every moment and make it an opportunity to succeed in life.

Time is much more valuable than money because we can earn money in any sphere in our life. But we cannot earn the time back. Spend your time more with your loved ones than money because money can be earned but memories are made at that particular moment.

Time shows you good and bad phases of life. Sometimes some incidents are so strong that it do not leave your mind in that case time is the best medicine to heal your wounds so give yourself that time to come out of it.

So remember time is your best friend if you value it or it will become your enemy.