Hey dear, how beautiful your smile is, I just love the way you laugh, the way you feel, the way you make every moment of your life astonishing. Remembering her own self she looked at the calendar and thought 50 years passed away but deep down in her soul, she can still feel that pure child in herself.

Today, I want you to go back to those days where we don't need reasons to laugh, we don't need to struggle to smile where each and every feeling which comes out was so organic. Those were our golden days. Today if I tell you to do a simple activity I.e to close your eyes for 2 mins and try to remember the 1st day of your school and then compare it with the last day only one thing which is in contrast is tears but the reason for that is completely different. 1st day made us cry because of fear of going into unfamiliar faces and last day we cried leaving those familiar faces.

In this process, we made so many memories from lunch break to departure. From punishments to achievements. From exams to results. All these things make us smile. This tiny example shows how beautiful our childhood was. It was the best period of our entire life where things were simple, life was easier and much much happier than what we are living right now.

Sometimes we feel low even if we are achieving what we wanted to, even if we are living our dream and everything is going exactly how we wanted it to be. But we still feel like crying, giving up and just wanna go away. This happens when we take things more seriously than it deserves.We made those dreams when that child was alive in us but now the desire for overrated, over expected and fancy life. We dump ourself to a never-ending journey and we attach our happiness to things we desire. For exampleI want to become a pilot if I could able to do that I will be happy. A dream and happiness are two different paths.

Our happiness should not depend on anything it is the most important quality which we lost being an adult. Just remember when we were 10 years old we have confined to our parents that same house, same school and similar days and now we are independent of everything but that happiness lacks and we miss those days. The only solution for all this is to keep the child alive in you.

Enjoy every single moment, love yourself, love your life. Be thankful for what you have. Gratitude is very important. Spend time which worth spending. Don't attach your happiness to your desires find happiness in small things. At least spend some time working for your happiness

Happiness lies within we don't need an outside force to make us happy.

Just let that innocence live, till your last breath.