The modern and cultural angle

Sex in general is an integral part of life and people should be able to talk about it freely and in a proper way. Such discussions will lead to healthier and more conducive environments in general. But what is happening is just the opposite. In a major portion of the world talking and discussing about sex is still frowned upon and deemed as an awkward conversation topic. How can something that is so important to human life be deemed as awkward?

This very ideology also makes it awkward for parents to talk to their sons and daughters regarding sex. Even in 21st century, this continues to be a major hindrance. If parents will be able to talk to their children freely about this then this will effectively lead to a better and healthier sex life for the children as well.

There are also the cultural ideologies that need to be taken care of. In most cultures, people are advised sex after they get married but people have molded themselves according to the modern era and have brought out several interpretations and provided rational reasoning for premarital sex as well and it has become common for any consenting adults and teens as well.

Teenagers are the most prone to getting involved in sexual activities as they are at a phase in their life where their hormones are peaking and they are in a rebellious phase as well. This is the period where they realize their sexual orientation, understand their body and feel love as well. But just engaging in sex without realizing the potential dangers they might be facing is something that teenagers need to understand.

The brighter side to all this darkness is that, around the globe, steps are being taken to ensure sex education for children. Parents are now more aware of the dangers that their adolescent children might face and they make sure to sit them down and make them understand about having safe sex and ensuring a healthy life in future. Teenagers are prone to committing mistakes and regretting them later in their life. This also leads to guilt and depression in numerous cases. To avoid all these, proper sex education and cautionary measures from parents and teachers are essential. Some control and self restraint from the side of the children is also required as things cannot continue to be one sided.

Like every other thing in life, sex can be conducted both in a good way or a bad way.

There is a great saying - “The best things in life come with the greatest cautions.” Everyone considers sex enjoyable and as a wonderful gift. Done within proper boundaries, lines and precautions, it would continue to be the best gift.