Poet In The Industry And Marketing

Disha Ganguli
Mar 04, 2019   •  7 views

It is not likely to feel good if we are located in a place or position where we never wanted to be. For example, if a cricketer has to step in to a music studio not out of passion but under compulsion, he would prefer killing himself. We are comfortable in a surrounding which corresponds to our mind set and desires like an enjineer who is liked to be surrounded by machines, experimenting on them all day long. However, it does not happen as our dreams hardly matches with the reality, let alone the strive to turn them into reality.

It was since the beginning of the twentieth century that industrialisation had begun. From industrialisation I do not tend to create images of steel plants, burning furnaces or any conventional notions about it. However, surely, whenever the word is pronounced what strikes our mind is “mechanisation” i.e. something which cannot function beyond the set of operations assigned to it or a process in which everything bent to the commercial advantage and making profits. And when I say see a poet wandering amidst such an industrial environment, I ruminate how thenart degenerates into it. Well, it has rather happened so that even art has been bent to the commercial advantage but on the other hand this can not be denied that marketing and industrialising art is the only way that is left when an artist wants to convey his thoughts to the world through poetry or any other form of art. So, technically, it is important to sell the self in order to make the self known.

However, marketing of art or measuring it in industrial terms hampers art, causes ravages to it . Suppose, a poet who writes poems rooted in psychology and transcends to a different world is less likely to be sold as not everyone is adept in the very act of thinking or in their knowledge of psychology as on the same persists reality shows and potboilers known as the film industry where they do not make any allowance for the audience to think. To think is a tiresome job whereas getting fed with a spoon is luxurious. Such industrialisation over shadows the better forms of arts causing degeneration making people intellectually inept to grasp the higher forms of art which is important to look at everything through other perspectives. This is one of the major cause why William Blake was never understood even by his circle. His art works were brought into acknowledgement posthumously. There are many such artists as well who failed to get any recognition like even Joyce’s works were stigmatised by Leninist critics addressing it worms on cow dung. Not to recognise the good forms of art is to deprave the society itself making it hollow of emotions , passions and thoughts along the different lines.

This, thus, drives us to the conclusion that passionate formations of artworks is not the only which is important but it’s recognition is equally important which is possible through industrialisation. However, the onus is then on the viewers of the art work to not let it lose it’s charm by focusing it’s marketing only but to comprehend and understand it as well.