The Day You left …

A Part of my soul left me..

I started searching for a reason.

Reason that never existed ……

My friends say that you played with my heart.

I contradict that-I was never in the game..

Within no time the busy tone of your phone…

Started matching the busy tone of your life..

The Silly Dates and all your self-loathings and the bad puns

Got replaced with your anger issues and constant arguments.

I kept trying until one day I realized is it all the worth.

I kept waiting for the surprise movie dates

For the flowers at my Door .

For the ignition in our understandings and for your Surprising calls….

Seems hard to believe that they were once a reality

I often wonder when i exactly lose you.

Was it My Mistake that I loved you too hard….

Love that got on your nerves

And you started searching for an escape.

Or is it that I loosen the grip ??...

When you asked to leave???

Maybe I was an option for you …..

And for me you will always be my love…

I won’t say that love won’t strike me again.

It will for sure…

With the person who knows how to deal with my kind of love…..

Sometimes I wonder !!! Where did it go wrong???

I tried too hard for you to stay…

And may be there ….It went all Wrong!