It is always good when know you have someone whom you can rely on ,or to know who will always be there for you . That support or that sense is more than enough for a person to go through his/her tough times with a lot of strength .

But for some destiny doesn't plan it that way . There are around 320 million of the 2.3 billion children around the world live in India. In many cases, the family consists of a single parent looking after their child . These families face different types of challengesincluding social isolation, economic difficulties and personal problems.

As a single parent, they have to fulfill the duties of a mom and a dad. There are times when they need to juggle between responsibilities, which makes life a lot tougher. Time becomes a precious commodity as there are many things to do. There is always this sense of guilt for not being there for your child fully . Single Indian parents often have to brave through the storms of economic turmoil. As a single parent, one have to do everything by himself/herself. Sometimes, there is no social or financial support available .

More than the personal stress experiened by the single parents , it's the societal norms and regulation or pressure that stresses them out .As a single parent, you need to keep listening to unsolicited advice anyway.

The Indian society has a rude attitude towards the single parents which needs to change . They are treated in isolation and looked down upon . Our society needs to understand the underlying problems that they are facing.

More power to all these parents who have struggled and made theough these tough times to bring up their children without any inconvinence.

All the RESPECT !