My maid's son who is one year younger to me is earning 20-25 k per month . He is a diploma holder and first class ssc pass . But the society will respect me as I'm doing some formal education and degree and he's just diploma 🤷. This is the idealogy in the indian society.

Our society has always looked down upon blue collar jobs .Shouldn't a honest and decent job be enough? Work is work . It is abolustely wrong to consider any job higher or lower. All types of jobs should be respected equally and no job is superior .

One of the biggest reason for large scale unemployment of highly qualified young people in our country is this . Everyone is running behind the white collar jobs .Who decides which work is better ? Or which job is more respectable ?

In the western countries even a truck driver or a cab driver is equally respected in the society . Yes . Docter's save lives but a truck driver ensures that all the required material for the hopital amd medical use reaches to the hopital on time . They consider every profession as something different something new where you can learn new things. We would have had no houses, if construction workers had not carried heavy loads to erect the building.

A person should never be discriminated on the basis of his occupation.We must learn that honest work of all types is dignified and worthy of respect. Even the humble sweeper who does unpleasant task is worthy of respect from the society.

Remember it's the bricks at the bottom of the pillars makes the whole building stand on ground. And these workers, are the pillars on which the society stands upon. If tomorrow everyone decides to be doc engico and scientist then this society as we know it will crumble. So just a small request "RESPECT".



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