Aadhaar Act; Infringement, Misuse Outshine Benefits.

Deepti Nayak
Jun 29, 2019   •  1 view

Privacy is a constitutionally protected right which emerges mainly from the guarantee of life and personal liberty under Article 21 of the Constitution. Components of privacy also arise in varying contexts from the other strand of freedom and dignity recognized and guaranteed by the fundamental rights contained in

One can easily take a print out of Aadhaar card as many times as they want and have multiple copies. Aadhaar card doesn't have any particular hologram or any other such feature on it which makes it unfit as a valid identity proof. The validation of Aadhaar card used either at passports as an identity proof or anywhere else is to be done via sending an OTP number which is a process that would take so much time to verify every user. Basically if not verified via OTP number Aadhaar card is a just another piece of paper with your name, photo.

The harmful content of privacy restrains the state from committing interference upon the life and personal liberty of a citizen.to and address which is present on it.

Informational privacy is a part of the right to privacy. The court observed that dangers to privacy in an age of information could originate not only from the state but from non-state persons as well. The Union Government, hence, needs to examine and must put into place a robust regime for data protection. The creation of such a system might require a careful and sensitive balance between individual interests and the legal concerns of the state.


if at some point of time we start using aadhar to verify identity of people, there is no proof that it will work, given the voluminous problems with the data revealed so far.It has little to offer the common man simple registration and cards without biometrics wouldn’t. It isn’t even like we are using the biometrics, or that they are dependable anyway. In reality, the entire Aadhaar generation would be in future victims to government scrutiny, harassment and privacy threat, in way that cannot be conceived asits more alike barter system where individual privacyhas to give in exchange to get the benefits of Aadhaar which it is a very contested and arbitrary concept

Aadhaar still has to work hard, to clear their flaws, else the whole schemes can't turn out to be bogus or a scam, which can result in leaking the information of thousands of Indians citizens.