Here's The Guide For Making Your Home A Smart Home!

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The concept of smart home isn’t new in the modern world we live in. Earlier, smart homes were thought to be limited in Disney world animations, but with advancement in technology specially for IOT technology in past few years has made it possible to get a talking home in reality and it’s set up is lot easier than you think.

Smart home doesn’t have to be a home with all crazy gadgets and robots installed everywhere!! But it just means that you have to reinstall the automated version of similar appliances for connecting them with Bluetooth or internet connection so that you can automate many processes throughout your home.

What do you mean by smart home?

Making your home turn smart enough makes you lead a quality life. Making your home a smart home is probably the best decision which you won’t regret. Connecting your appliances with smart phones would give you many benefits. First, this change will give you control and convenience over the WiFi-controlled appliances running in your room. You can control them in real time with an app from your smart phone or from an voice controlled speaker.

Secondly, smart appliances can give you their usage details from how long you are using them to calculating of the amount of electrical units they are spending so that you can monitor its utility.

Automation is another benefit of having a smart home. In simple words, it is a setup where your actions are judged and results are given based on that. For example, when you enter your room the sensors will automatically detect your motion and turn on the lights and in the same process when you exit, the sensors will respond to that by turning off the lights. Thus you don’t have to give inputs manually all the time. Your home will recognize you and your family and will work automatically based on what is happening.

Another category of benefits are mostly based on utter luxury and creative wishful thinking. It is the idea of robots being used for laundry, cleaning and lawn mowing as smart home can’t do each and every stuffs for you yet!

How to setup an astounding smart home:

It has been noticed that people adopting smart gadgets in their homes are saving almost 15% of electricity each month and they hope to save more electricity on coming years. But here arise the question of how to setup the new gadgets so that you can take utmost advantages of them. This is something which is completely based on your budget, time and your inclination towards adopting changes. Most of the people like to start with one connected gadget then go on adding other devices later.

1) Get a smart home digital assistant

Now first decide which smart home system you would take! Popular smart home ecosystems are:

Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant

Apple Homekit

But for most people, it is always a clash between Alexa vs Google Assistant. People who are loyal to Apple products and privacy conscious, they always choose Apple homekits with it’s voice assistant, Siri, without a second thought. But at its core each virtual assistant is functionally same and be it any brand but these virtual voice controlled assistants like Siri, Goolge Assistant and Alexa make it easier for us to control automated devices just by giving simple voices commands. Each of the tool has their own strengths and weaknesses, so choose wisely!

Second, choose your hardware after you are done with virtual assistant. This hardware would be treated as your primary smart home controller. For Amazon’s Alexa, hardware can be Echo Dot, Echo, or Echo show. In case of Google’s assistant, Google Home and newer android run smartphones will do.

2) Smart HUB

Getting a smart HUB is the second thing you should consider to take a step forward towards automation. Smart HUB allows you to control almost any type smart home device be it of the protocol Zigbee or Zwave with only one app. It acts as a brain to your smart home. One can find it better choice because there is no complication of operating multiple apps. Hub allows you to get ultimate wireless home automation by controlling a wide range of portable smart devices.

3) Smart LEDs

Installing smart LED bulbs to your home is the easiest way to start your smart home operation. They are energy efficient and lasts longer than other standard lights. You can control the lights at any corner of your home just by using Amazon Echo, Google Home or with the app connected with your smart phone to the light via voice control or by pressing buttons. Its’ not that all the lights will turn on and off simultaneously but you can setup for each light to control individually. It a trend nowadays to buy those smart lights that changes color variations and it looks quite interesting as you can change colors depending on mood and events going on.

4) Smart doorbell

This product is something related to your security. Smart doorbells comes with sensors and face recognition features which eventually can sense and recognize which person is at your door and informs you about the person through the app installed in your smartphone or via Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Also the camera allows you to look at the person at your front door. Smart doorbells have built in speakers for you to communicate via your virtual assistant. This is a great move as you can watch and communicate with the person at your doorstep even when you are not at your home.

5) Smart doorlock

To make your home smarter in terms of security, having this device is yet another way to step forward. This reduces the headache of not to lose your door keys anyway! This device operates with finger print recognition of patterns of your choice to unlock by using your android app.

6) Indoor and outdoor security cameras

Smart security cameras are extremely important to anyone who is serious their home security and privacy. It is always advisable to install good quality night vision cameras having higher megapixels and sensors. These are essential as you can watch the part of video footage of your home when you weren’t there. For outdoor purpose, install at least two cameras, one in front and other watching your backyard. You can install more at the corners to grab a total view of what’s happening around your house.

7) Smart multipurpose sensors

These sensors are the need of every house hold nowadays as they can be used for both convenience and security. Anexample in terms of serving convenience is when you enter your room the sensors will automatically detect your motion and turn on the lights and in the same process when you exit, the sensors will respond to that by turning off the lights. Thus you don’t have to give inputs manually all the time. And for security purpose you can install sensors to detect the motion of any intruder. They just add an extra layer of security.

8) Smart robot vacuum cleaners

Cleaning your home with advanced technology is the ultimate luxury anyone would love to enjoy! Vacuum cleaner selling companies have come up with such level of automation that vacuum cleaners now can sense dust and operate without any human intervention. They can even clean up areas where regular vacuum cleaners can’t reach and that too without making annoying noises. High quality smart robot cleaners can be connected with wifi network that allows user to control then via smart devices like virtual assistant or smart phone app.

9) Smart refrigerator

Via Google assistant or Alexa, you can easily monitor and adjust temperature within a smart refrigerator. You can set reminders and get notification when the door is opened.

10) Smart dustbin

Now every household produces garbage that needs to be dumped in proper place. Sometimes we forget about being low on bags, but if this happens smart trash bin will give you the reminder early enough. Smart trash cans have hands-free lid and a trash bag storage pod. At its base there is a integrated vacuum that eliminates the need for dustpan.


There are thousands of smart devices in the market with brilliant features. Some devices are within affordable price but most of them are still quite expensive. But it is a reality that by installing smart devices not only you can save money on your electricity bills but also you can contribute towards greener future.



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