Booming Of E-Commerce Business In India As Well As The World

Deblina Roy
Aug 09, 2019   •  1 view

Booming of E-commerce Business In India As Well As The World

E-commerce means electronics commerce and e-commerce business means the shopping in the online. Now a days everybody is in the touch of internet. The main thing in the e-commerce business means the commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet.

There are many facilities of e-commerce business. E-commerce business is the result of internet revolution in the field of information and communication. This business has brought similar revolution in the international and national field of business transaction. E-commerce business not only helped the owner of the business so many people got a satisfied job with the respect

The benefits of e-commerce business:

1.We can choose any kind of dress, home accessories, electronics product and so many other items in a less time, we don’t have to go to the outside for purchase this. So, we can save the travel money also. There is the ratings of the products so we can judge the quality of the products also. After all if we want to return the product we can do it and can got the money back to our bank account or any phone account.

2.In this business, any one who is unable to go the outside they can do any kind of job, they want. They can do half time or full time job form their house through the internet. Students can do any kind of internships by this.

3.In this business so many people got the job of delivery and it’s make them economically strong, and there is a respect of this job.

4.This business make a revolution in the cottage industry. If a person who lives in a village and an good cottage artist he/she can sell that products they make to the whole world. And by this he/she can improve their economic state.

5.E-commerce business also make a change in the educational system. It’s now become a essential part of the education. We can buy any kind of books and get admission in any kind of educational institution and can know everything about this. We can take tutor at our home by the internet.

India has an internet users base of about 475 million as of July 2018, about 40% of the population of India, which is the second largest userbase in the world. In India, the cash on delivery is the most preferred payment method, accumulating 75% of the e-retail activities. As of 2017, the largest e-commerce companies in India are Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, Paytm etc.