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Darren Huston
Apr 14, 2020   •  2 views

The online travel booking site started rolled out a number of spots, including three that are already in market in the United States, says Canadian-born expat Darren Huston, CEO, Booking.com. The creative is focused specifically on that feeling of euphoria when, after hectic travel, a hotel room meets all a traveller’s expectations, he says.

Bookingdotcom launched its first-ever traditional marketing push within the Canadian market with media by Wieden + Kennedy New York and creative from Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam.

Darren Huston said, “We tested it quite extensively with Canadians.”  “And they’re even more attracted to the humour [than Americans, where some of the commercials have been on air for about a year]. They also see themselves in the characters, and that’s very important too.”

The commercials target a wide-swath of the population, he says. Within the Canadian market, there’s an even gender split among Booking.com users and the site attracts everyone from the high-powered business executive to the thrifty college student.

To reach the wide-ranging audience, the site and the media buyer will test different types of creative across different media channels and will change up the media buy on a weekly basis based on which spots generate the most direct traffic to the website. For example, a business-oriented spot, might start on an after-work business affairs show, but based on site visits, might change to air during a sports broadcast, Darren Huston says.

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