This shows the enduring pain with a smile..

They Give us life and make everyday of our life worth living.. They themselves sacrifice everything, for us to fulfill our wishes...

The dreams they had seen someday, they want to get it fulfilled by us one day..

They don't crave for our money, they want us to become capable to manage ourselves when they won't be with us.. When they are alive, they keep on compromising , sacrificing and saving everything for us.. and when they die.. We see insurance policies assuring lakhs of rupees in our name...

Still we aren't able to fulfill their Desire.. Which doesn't even count in return of what they have given us whole of their life.

In Return they want, us to be happy.
Us to prosper..
and Us to have a better future than theirs..

Still we don't realize.. Whatever they do, it's for our benifit..and What they desire in return , is also beneficial to us.. Some people realize this fact very early in their age, some later...

And some after the old pairs are gone :')
When parents say ki, "Han teko abhi realize nhi hoga humara value, aage jaake khud humko yaad karoge and shayad tab hum na rahen."

Please never ignore them, never disrespect them.. Never ever try to do any thing with yourself that would make them sad.. They give our own life to us... Inspite of this, they compromise every time for us.. Whole of their life time, they suffer with a smile... But never complain..

Don't let them complain.. Make complaints to yourself for not keeping them happy..

There Is God, But Linkage between God and You are Your Parents..

Never break the linkage.

Keep it tight and secured.. Always. 🌍