We all know any human being who was born has to die one day. So everyone has a question in their mind that what will happen after death. Many say that they will go to God or they will go to heaven or hell and others think they become ghosts and haunt everyone. In this article, I am going to tell about the experience of the people who had a near-death experience in their life. This experiment took place in Spain. What is near death Experience? It means that a person has met an accident and went to coma and came back and some medical miracle cases.

Let's know about what these people said during this experiment about their near-death experience. These people were asked what did they feel.80% of the people said that they saw their own spirit along with many other spirits.20% of the people said that they didn't saw anything but only a flash of light and they felt a peaceful environment.

These groups of people felt a common thing. They said that all the important situations and moments of their life flashed in front of them after they died. But according to science, this is impossible but these were the things in the subconscious mind of the human. According to science our heart and brain will not function once we are dead. I will tell you about the place where the science and soul meet. Actually, this was the experiment done by the London based Doctor Mech Douglas 100 years ago. He took the bodies of people who are going to die in a few hours. He placed the six bodies in a weighing scale or machine with a proper surrounding environment. Unfortunately, two of them die while they were being placed at the weighing scale. Among the remaining four people he noticed that the weight of the soul was 21 grams as when one person died the weight of that person was reduced by 21 grams. He published it in the New York Times and many people criticized how can you tell from one person. Then the person took 15 dogs gave them poisoned and performed the same experiment but the weight of the dogs did not decrease.

So the experiment of the weight of the soul is not landed to a conclusion there may be many opinions.So my opinion is that the other persons may have some things that they wanted to do so their soul did not come out.Do comment on your opinions.



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So finally what happens after death??...do elaborate the content.