Everyone cannot be the owner of the company. Over 95% of the people are employees who are working under 5% of owners. Everyone is an employee and they are working mainly for money. So let's see about the top 10 highly paid jobs strting from rank 10.

10.IT Industry

IT industry is ranked 10 as highly paid jobs but you cannot get more salary but not immediately but you have to reach higher positions like President, Vice President, CEO or board of directors. You cannot get the high package as a fresher but you have to work hard to reach a higher position in the Company.


Nowadays the clothes of the baby are costlier than the clothes of the adult. Parents don't take into account the money when it comes with the health of their child and consult the best doctor in the city. To become a Pediatrician takes the time they have to do specializations and practice and solve cases.


Everyone takes care of ourselves. Teeth are one of the important parts of our face and we spent lots of money if any problems come to it. So nowadays many people if they don't get MBBS seat they start studying BDS.


This is the job that will have high job satisfaction compared to the other jobs on the list. They try to understand the mind and heart of the people. These people need to have a great network so that you can get lots of customers. Psychiatrists charge a lot for single counseling. These people will get high self-satisfaction as you will make people feel good about themselves with your skills,

6.Petroleum Engineering

The petroleum engineers especially in the field of research. Nowadays petrol is used a lot in our day to day life but this not continue as in the future we may have an alternative for petrol or there may be a chance for E-Cars that run on Electricity.

5.Corporate Lawyers

They are the one who decides what great people like ministers should do. They are the one who supports the big companies when they get caught in some illegal case etc. They will be paid a lot by the companies.


This is the Risk Management of theCompany. these people are the one who studies the entire market analyze it and make decisions regarding the competitors, profit and the risk involves. These people are hired by the topmost companies like Google, Amazon, etc. One has to do lots of research work and clear exams to acquire this job.


People who keep the people during operation in a state where they don't feel the pain and help them to cure faster and prevent them from dying. We have to do lots of operations and practice and do specializations.


They are the people who study the X-rays. Radiology is the study of X-Rays as it deals with the life of the people.


The person who does operations. The most complex system in this world is the human body who does operations and cures the people.