There may be thousands of products but they are owned by a handful of companies. So be careful and check the Company owns it when you want to try new products.


This company owned Horlicks, Boost, and Viva and it sold these products to Hindustan Unilever fir 31,000 crores. Unilever already owns Brooke Bond TajMahal Tea, Bru Coffee, Lipton Ice Tea, etc and now it has basically become like whatever you drink at your home will be a Unilever product

Adidas and Reebok

These Two Companies are now owned by a single company that is Adidas acquired Reebok in 2005 August.

Frito-Lay, Inc

This is a company that ownsPepsi, Lays, Cheetos, and Doritos. So if you by any of this product the same company gets the profit.


It is the KIng of the Chocolate Industry as it owns most of the chocolates. This company owns Kitkat, Bar one, Milkybar, Munch, Polo, and Nestle chocolates.So if you want to eat different chocolates try to buy chocolates of a different company.


Coming to toothpaste Close up and Pepsodent both are owned by Unilever. People Think they are trying different products but people are trying products of the same company.

Washing Powder

Ariel and TIde are both owned by the same Company that is Unilever. They are kept next to one another in shopping molls like competitors but are owned by the same company. When one product has an offer the other will not have.

Mobile Network

In today's world due to the JIO revolution, many companies have faced lots of losses. Before we were paying 300 rs for 1 GB a month but nowadays we are paying 300 rs for 1 per day. Due to the market situation, Vodaphone and Idea have tied up together,

Fast foods

Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut are the three most popular brands names in the fast food industry but are owned by the same company that is YUM. So if you eat Pizza or Chicken thenYum is Profitable.


We use different soaps for bathing like Dove, Pears, Rexona, Hamam, Lux, Liril, Breeze, and Lifeboy. These all the different soaps owned by Unilever.


Sun silk and Clinic Plus are the most popular shampoo brands that are owned by the same Company that is Unilever. This is a European company and it is expanding at a faster rate and its segment at India is called Hindustan Unilever. This company is a big giant and it is the one which decides what product we are using at our home.