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In todays world we have lots of networks it may be the social media network or a group of local people.Network was originated as a technical word but today it has also been used in management as the Network marketing and so on.Every popular software or the social media we are using in our day to day life cannot be successful without networks and cloud.Network is a technology behind the Internet that governs the Tech world and this same Idea has been applied in marketing and has reached a great peak.

What is Network?

Network is a group of two or more computer systems connected to each other over the internet or through physical means.These devices communicate with themselves efficiently.Each device in the network is called a node.The nodes in the network can be any device that can send and recive data in some special cases some devices only transmit data or receive data.There are different kinds of network that includes LAN(Local Area Network),WAN(Wide Area Network),MAN(Metropolitan Area Network) and we also have some other types that are like subtypes they are CAN(Campus Area Network) and HAN(Home Area Network).

Layers of Network

These are also called the OSI (Open System Interconnection) layers and it acts as a network framework for transfer of data from one layer to another using the required protocol and transfering data in the form of Binary bits from one layer to another.

Physical Layer

This is the first layer were the physical devices are connected with each other.It deals with topology and the hardware devices.In addition this layer also contains the hubs and repeaters.The main work of this layer is to convert the data into 0's and 1's and transmit it into the data link layer that is it deals with the encoding and the decoding of the bit streams.

The main funstion of this layer is to transmit data from one node to another node.It will take care of the error free transmission of the data.Data Link Layer is divided into two sub layers :

  1. Logical Link Control (LLC)

  2. Media Access Control (MAC)

Each data packets in this layer is treated as frames.

Network Layer

The Data link layer was responsible for error free transmission of data from one node to another were as this layer is responsible for error free transmission of data from one host to another that is from one segment to another.In this layer a process known as routing takes place with the help of networking devices like routers which is a main function of this layer.Each segment of this data in this layer is known as packet.

Transport Layer

Its Like packaging the goods for delivery purposes.The data in transport layer is called the segment.It is responsible for successful transmission of data from one host to another and re transmit it if there is any error.It is a layer were the TCP and UDP protocol resides.

Session Layer

This layer is responsible for managing the flow of events in the connection.It also creates multiple connections dynmicaly over the Individual devices.It also takes care of maintaining sessions,authentication and scurity.The main function of this layer is checkpoint creation and synchronization

Presentation Layer

This layer has a simplest function but plays a major role among all the seven layers.It acts a Translator.It performs the necessary encryption and converts the data to the requires format from the 0's and 1's.

Application Layer

It is the user interface layer.It is the layer were the data interacts with the users that is rendering the data in the form that can be used by humans.It uses the protocols like HTTP etc.It is were the client side languages are used to create interactive user interfaces.