Machine Learning And It's Applications

R.Manoj Aiyer
Jun 27, 2019   •  47 views

It's a domain in computer science that has a great scope in the future as well as a present because it can predict the future. Machine Learning is a technology of crafting algorithms by applying mathematical equations to automated tasks and predict things, as a result, it increases the overall efficiency of the application. Machine Learning is not only used in the big tech companies like Google and Amazon but it is also a thing that every startup needs. Now we will see some of the exciting applications of ML

1. Facebook Facial Recognition

Everyone uses Facebook if you are in a particular post that is photo it automatically tags you recognizes you in the group photo. This same application has also been seen in the google photos were it categorizes the photos of different people based on their face.

2.Video games

These games are controlled based on your activity. Mostly it consists of sports games which give the person both physical and mental exercise. This makes use of one of the machine learning algorithm known as Random Forest

3.Virtual Reality Headset

This headset has been used to watch movies to have real-life experiences. These headsets give the user the real experience when watching 3D movies and games. This technology is nowadays evolving to organize and visualize data

4.Voice Recognition

This has been used mainly for security purposes. This is also used in voice controlled bots and mainly in Google assistant. Dealing with challenging data is machine learning ie Audio

5.Robot Dogs

In these robot dogs, reinforcement learning has been used. The machine learning algorithms have been used in them that will help these robots to learn on their own and behave like normal dogs. It's based on how much you train your robots.

6.Facebook Ads

You only get the ads what you needed or what you are interested in. This enhances the user experience of the user while using Facebook.

7.Recommendation Engine

Amazon's recommendation engine suggests the products we recently saw along with any relevant products and offers for it. Netflix also recommends movies of the same genre on the basis of movies we have watched.


Nanobots are the great application of ML and it has been used to carry put complex operation easily and with high efficiency like removing stones in kidney and stomach and much more. These bots are harmless and highly perfect.


It is used in space on satellites.ML is bringing an era of automation in the Space industry. Ex: SpaceX, Amazon.

10.Geographic mapping

It is one of the fascinating application of ML. Nowadays it has been used to predict natural calamities and climates so that it is very helpful for farmers and other people.