Data science has been coined by many tech giants as the technology of the 21st century. Let's see how Data Science has that much scope? Nowadays we people are using smartphones which generates a lot of data.Data is everywhere it has been seen that for every minute our smart devices have transaction of 10MB of data.

There are lots of apps Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart which we are using daily. The mobile apps are used ranging from playing games, maintaining health, buying things, social media to ordering foods. These apps are generating a huge amount of data and these data are like assets for the company only after it is analyzed where data science plays a major role.

What is Data Science?

  1. It is the process in which data is used to understand different things in the world.

  2. Validating models with data

  3. It is an art of uncovering insights and trends hiding inside data

  4. It is the study of data which has real properties

  5. Extracting information from structured and unstructured form of data

  6. Exploring and manipulating data to find answers.

These terms came into existence in 2010. It became popular in 2012. People came to this field from different fields including Maths, Biotechnology, Medicine, Civil, Computer Science, Business, etc. These people had an interest in their domain related data.

If you want to become a Data scientist you should be curious about the data and judge the data. You should also be able to analyze data and make decisions from it. Secondary needs include flexibility with the computer or the software platforms and able to visualize data from the modern tools and tell a great story from the data that is one should be able to convey your findings to your stakeholders or clients. You have to also choose in which field you want to work as a data scientist like IT, Web, Internet, Medicine, E-commerce, etc as each requires specific domain knowledge and skills. Choose the industry in which you are interested and where want to grow your knowledge and analytics in that field.

The main competitive advantage is not analytical skills but understanding the data and exceeding others and telling a convincing story about data. Cloud is a god given technology for the data scientist as he has to deal with a large amount of data and apply algorithms to it. If we have data in the cloud it is faster and easier for us to analyze them. The large volumes of data cannot be stored and analyzed in your systems.

Data Science consists of 3 main parts

Data Cleaning: Cleaning the data and making it in a form which is ready for analysis.It also involves taking care of the missing data.

Data Analysis: Analysing data and finding the hidden insights inside data

Data Visualisation: Displaying our results and finding in a form which can be understood by the clients.It describes the story of this data.