Many people may have believed in ghosts and some people may not have belief in them but in this article, I am going to say about 6 places in India that were many people have haunted experiences and these places are also described by nearby people as dangerous and not to visit them after 6 pm in the evening

Bhangarh Fort

This is one of the most haunted places in India. It was built by Bhagwant Das for his younger son Madho Singh This is a majestic fort located at Rajasthan. This place has been surveyed by archeological survey of India and they told no one should visit this fort after sunset. They have this belief because long ago there lived a beautiful queen in this fort and she rejected many princes at that time a small black magician from that same city wanted to marry the queen but he was discouraged by people and rejected by the queen. The disappointed magician cursed all the people that the city will be destroyed.then in some time the entire fort gets destroyed by the Mughals and every architecture gets destroyed and even the beautiful queen gets killed. So it's a belief of many nearby peoplethat there are some supernatural powers inside this fort. The fort will become free once the reborn magician visits the fort.

Dumas Beach

It is also one of the haunted places in Gujarat located in Gujarat. There is a Lord Shiva temple. This was the place were the kings would punish the bad people brutally and kill them and bury them here. But as time went the sea level increased this place went inside the waters. Nowadays this place is chosen as a place to suicide by many people because as soon as one comes here at night his/her mind gets filled up with negative thoughts. People also complained they also hear some murmuring noises.

Karikattu Kuppam

This is one of the most recent and popular and haunted places.It is located near Chennai in Tamil Nadu. In 2004 there was a tsunami which destroyed the entire village and people believe that there are ghosts of people who died in the tsunami. Also, some of the youngsters have seen some ghosts in this area.


Till now we saw that places were haunted by ghosts of people but here it is haunted by ghosts of birds. This is a place located at Assam and on a particular day that is Amavasya many migratory birds in a particular area are committing mass suicide many years by colliding over each other. There is some supernatural power that is haunting this place.

Tunnel 33

This is a tunnel located at Shimla. A British Engineer who built this tunnel was discouraged by many people and was not given respect and appreciation for building this tunnel by his seniors who told that they build the tunnel. The British Engineer was Ashamed and went into the tunnel and shot himself with the gun. Even now many people complaint that they heard the gunshot and some people also told that they say the ghost of this Engineer.

Demonte Colony

A Portugues businessman named Demonte came to Chennai and bought a whole street and named it after him. He had a very bad life as his wife was mentally unstable and his child was lost. So this place is a cursed place as Demonte's ghost still lives here.

So If God is There Ghost must be there