I've grown up hearing about how great the food is at Kozhikode a.k.a Calicut. Calicut people are also said to be among the nicest. I was delighted when I got a chance to study at Kozhikode.

Though my college is an hour away from the Calicut city, I make it a point to visit a least twice a week. There's somewhere or the other to go in the city, everytime. There are the beaches and the cafes. I swear atleast 1 awesome new cafe opens in Calicut every week. Buses are abundant and the auto guys are well mannered and always ask for the right amount of money.

The Calicut beach is located right at the centre of the city and is always bustling with people. There are lots of food vendors and toy sellers all around here. Families frequent this place in the evenings and children are seen running around flying kites. The beach is pretty well maintained and kept kind of clean.

Right next to the Calicut beach is the South beach. This stretch of the beach has recently been modified and has a walkway and places to sit. The area around the beaches is full of cafes and restaurants. Each one offers many special and mouthwatering dishes.

The Kappad beach is located a little far away from the city. But you can easily get there by bus and then auto. This beach is the most beautiful of the lot. It is clean and there are very few people here most of the time. The sunsets on this beach are spectacular. This is the ideal destination for a one day or half day trip from calicut.

Calicut has few malls too. The hilite mall is the biggest and located a little away from the centre of the city. It is an up to date mall with the best brands and a great food court.

Calicut offers plenty. Malls, beaches, cafes, mosques, temples, etc are plenty and beautiful. It has recently started evolving into a very happening place with flea markets and many youth initiatives happening at venues all around. The Calicut Flea is slowly becoming something that people look forward to every year. The beaches always have some event or the other happening. Fairs and meetings are held on the beach. A visit to Calicut is guaranteed to make you happy and you will surely be leaving with a full tummy.