94% Engineers Are Not Fit For Hiring: Topic To Discuss At.

Chetan Kaler
Apr 19, 2019   •  10 views

Last year, a study company called Aspiring Minds claimed that nearly 94 per cent of engineers in the country are not fit for employment especially in software development field. The top hiring companies employ only 6% of the engineering graduates. What about to the remaining 94 per cent?

Due to the wide skill gap, now the companies have to retrain those grads who are hired to increase their knowledge about their respective fields in order to make them manageable in the companies in which they are being employed. So, this provides the view to the world about those 6 per cent graduates that they even are not that much skilled in their working areas. The study also claimed that around 5 per cent out of 6 per cent graduated engineers can write correct logic for a programme. Rest are not that much skilled.

The root problem for this reason is the over capacity of unapproved colleges. Students aspiring to become engineer take admission in those colleges and get no advanced knowledge in their respective fields. After that, they end up getting just a degree with no value and unemployment in their hands. This contributes to the fact that 94 per cent engineers are not hired.

The study also revealed the fact that employability for fields such as mechanical design engineer and civil engineer stood at a meager 5.55 per cent and 6.48 per cent respectively. The lowest employability percentage was for the chemical design engineer role at 1.64 per cent.

Except the top engineering institutions like IITs, NITs etc. other private colleges fails to provide the skills that are needed to secure the reputed job. And students from such colleges fail to get suitable jobs and end up getting declined in enrolment. According to AICTE, many of the unapproved colleges all over India are being closed.

When the students fail to get hired as the engineers, many of them stars pursuing MBA as there career option.

The fact is that without engineers and their engineering skills the entire world would not have been that much developed and we would have not been using the latest technologies. The government not only should close down the unapproved colleges but should focus on changing the education system as well. The professors should focus on practical knowledge rather than the theoretical one because the students have o carry on with their practical lives.