This is the story of a jar, sounds weird right?
Well, maybe you should read it, and then it wouldn’t seem the same.

Once upon a time, in the land of some imaginary world, Jars could live and talk just like us and their life was summed up in filling themselves up with different materials. They were different from each other in shapes, in colour, some were breathtakingly gorgeous whereas some weren’t.

(not because they didn’t look beautiful, but because they didn’t feel beautiful.)

In that same illusory world lived a special jar. The jar, happy with its life, had a monotonous schedule. Like everyone else, it too would fill itself up with different materials from time to time.

Until one day, while doing the daily chores, due to certain reasons it hurt itself.
And soon there was crack on it.

The jar was worried, living amidst such beauties how could it have a flaw?
Jar tried to live its life normally, ignoring the presence of its new part, it tried filling itself up day after day, yet nothing really stayed in it. It filled and filled and failed again. It felt empty after a point of time, nothing was really a part of it anymore.

As time passed, the more the jar tried to cover the crack, the larger the flaw became.
The jar forgot what made it special. It somewhere lost what it really was.
Until one day, the clay found it. The clay realized what was happening with the jar, it chose to help the jar with its beautiful colours, without judging it.

They worked together, some days weren’t so bright still, but they didn’t stop.
A day came when that small crack was no more there, as the clay had become the part of the jar.

You must be wondering what on earth have I written?
Let me just give you a small hint, just replace the jar with a human.
Now, does it make sense?

There are so many jars out there, having that special something in them but not realizing it just because they have all their energy focused on that one crack.

So many jars out there who have multiple cracks and are trying to fill themselves up, but end up feeling empty.

It is then, that we too need someone like clay. No, not because we can depend on them, but because they can fill that emptiness with so much more.

Their colours mix with yours and make a unique combination.

After reading this, if you have remembered someone who has been your clay, let them know and thank them.

And if you have ever been a jar, accept that crack and don’t ever let yourself down and also, I hope you find your clay soon. :)



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Wajahat Mir  •  1y  •  Reply
That's a nice read, read mine too
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Rashmi   •  1y  •  Reply
Really nice!
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Profile of Khushi B
Khushi B  •  1y  •  Reply
Awesome story with leeson which is absolutly true.