A bright sunny day, kids playing together, laughter in the air, altogether it was a great day!
After a while, one of the kids yelled I want to be a cricketer, listening to him others joined the discussion too.

One by one they all said what they wanted to be. Some said pilot, some dancer, some said doctors and etc.

But one thing that was common in all of them was that spark in their eyes that said “I want to be that and I can be.”

Somewhere in your life even you must have been one of those kids, who would switch on what they wanted to become each and every day.

As a kid we all wanted to be so many things.
At one point we wanted to be a lawyer and at some other point of time we simply wanted to be a bird, we wanted to fly freely.

I remember, when me and my friends used to learn, how to ride a bicycle, we got hurt so many times, some of my friends learnt riding it even before me, some took more time than me, but none of it mattered, what mattered was the fact that we all were doing something new, we were excited and most importantly we were happy doing it for ourselves, without competing to one another.

As kids we didn’t know the meaning of giving up. All we knew was that attitude of
“we want that, and we will get it.”

But as we grow up the burden as some may say, of responsibilities, of peer pressure makes us forget that same attitude.

And instead we develop “the actual attitude problem” that includes ego, jealousy and what not.
We no longer tend to focus on the fact as to how we can achieve what we desire, instead we focus our energy on the fact that how much better I am than others.

At times we love knowing that someone is still behind me in the rat race.

As we grow up, the inverse relationship between the wrinkles of stress and the happy smile widens. Didn’t get it?

It’s simple, that happy go kid inside you fades and the grumpy stress monster is awake nearly all the time!

So, what is the solution?
To never grow up?
Now this is something I have realized over time. To never grow up doesn’t mean your age has to be same forever, it also doesn’t mean that you can be free of responsibilities.

To never grow up means, to never let the kid inside you feel unworthy.
To never grow up means, to always have that happy go kid inside you.
So grow up, by taking your time, without competing with others and allow that kid to grow within you too.



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This was really good❤.
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This is the best article I've read so far.