What is a "Scam"?
A fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt obtain money or something else of value.

Let us take a look at the major scams, that have taken place in India!

Uttar Pradesh food grain scam.

Uttar Pradesh food grain scamtook place between years 2002 and 2010, inUttar Pradeshstate inIndia, whereinfood grainworth₹350 billion, meant to be distributed amongst the poor, throughPublic Distribution System(PDS) and other welfare schemes, was diverted to the open market.

Thescamfirst came into light in 2003, during theChief Ministership ofMulayam Singh, in Gonda district in the distribution of foodgrain meant for theSampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojanaand soon complaints started pouring in from other districts as well. After initially ordering an inquiry into the scam Mulayam Singh withdrew it.

Media dubbed it, "mother of all scams", and TV news channel,Times Nowreported the scam which started in 2002, to be at over₹2,000 billion.

The2G spectrum case.

The2G spectrum casewas a $40 billion alleged scam by the politicians and government officials under theUnited Progressive Alliance(Congress) coalition government in India. The Union Government of that time was accused of underchargingmobile telephonecompanies forfrequency allocationlicenses, which they used to create2Gspectrum subscriptions for cell phones.

The Punjab National Bank Fraud Case.

The Punjab National Bank Fraud Case is connected to fraudulent letter of undertaking worth₹11,356.84 croreissued by thePunjab National Bankat its Brady House branch inFort,Mumbai; making Punjab National Bank liable for the amount.The fraud was allegedly organized by jeweller and designerNirav Modi. Nirav Modi is currently in theUnited Kingdomand is seeking political asylum in Britain though the Indian government has officially asked for his extradition. On 29 January 2018, PNB filed a complaint with theCBI, wherein it wasallegedthat Nirav, Ami Modi, Nishal Modi andMehul Choksi, all partners of M/s Diamond R US, M/s Solar Exports and M/s Stellar Diamonds, in collusion with two bank officials committed the offence of cheating against PNB and caused a wrongful loss.

The Adarsh Housing Society.

The Adarsh Housing Society is a posh, 31-storey building constructed on prime real estate inColaba,Mumbai, for the welfare of war widows and personnel ofIndia's Ministry of Defence.

Over a period of time, several politicians, bureaucrats and other military officials have bend certain rules and taken undue advantage of the scheme.

Rules regarding land ownership, zoning, and floor space indexwere disturbed.
The political members under this scheme got flat for themselves below market rates.
The scam was unearthed in November 2010 which forced the thenChief Minister of Maharashtra,Ashok Chavan, to resign.



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