Choice For Few, Helplessness For Many.

Chavi Maheshwari.
May 26, 2019   •  26 views

It is always heard that for a girl, her most beautiful dream is her marriage. That a girl thinks of her dream marriage since a small age. But now the times have changed, sure marriage is one of the dreams for some, but not the only dream.

Girls now want a well settled career, a life where they are independent and to pursue their passion as well.

But there exist exceptions as always. Though every girl dreams to be able to stand on her own feet, for some the cost to make this dream true is very high.

This article is about those girls who are into a profession that isn’t accepted by the society.
And believe me if the profession is considered to be filthy, think how unworthy the society would make these women feel.

And now you as a reader must have guessed, what I am talking about.
The profession of being a “Prostitute.”

The first question that comes to my mind is why would somebody make themselves feel such emotions? Why would somebody allow their body to go through pain?

Poverty being one of the major causes. It drives women (mainly) into the profession of prostitution. The urge to earn money in order make the ends meet, to have a proper place to live and to have enough food, forces women to get into this profession.

Another reason being peer pressure. The family members or friends who are into the profession, most often pressurize them to get into the same, with the view of earning more money.

The family conditions of a person also plays an important role in their life.
More often, youth that wants to earn quick wealth choose prostitution as a profession.

Even after knowing and realizing the consequences, people are into the profession since a long time.

The consequences include, STDs, Mental and Physical Trauma, humiliation, violence at times and many more disturbing things.

“Prostitution is like voluntary slavery” said one of the workers in an interview.

However there are certain women who, are into this profession by choice.
“The story of Nisha Kapoor, a 26-year-old call centre employee. She shifted to Delhi after completing her graduation and always felt her annual package was not enough to buy her everything she desires. One of her friends (who was already into this profession) took her to a high-end party one day, where she met a “handsome” businessman, and that’s how she made a start in this profession.”

Be it choice or helplessness, these women need acceptance more than they need sympathy. The society has to consider them as normal as others. And the secondary focus is to create opportunities for women to take up professions that are good for their health. And even if they choose prostitution, they should be given all rights for their safety.



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