Why Uniforms Are Important In Schools ?

Charmy Patel
Jun 22, 2019   •  29 views

When we were in schools we wished we could wear whatever we want to school. We used to get bored with the everyday uniform thing. We felt such great joy when we were allowed to wear a free dress during birthdays. But little do we know the importance of uniforms now.

Debates have been going on for at least a decade about whether to have mandatory uniforms in schools. When you read about schools around the world, 86 percent of those surveyed support school uniforms. Here are 5 really good reasons why they are important.

1.They create equality

When children are in schools they have such sensitive minds that the effect of any harsh comment can make a place in their tiny hearts for long. Everyone does not belong to a rich and wealthy family. Some are middle class and some are beloved average. Now in such cases, if uniforms won’t be their children will start judging other children by their appearance and clothes which it needs to be avoided.

2. It reduces intruders

Not every time it's possible to keep a check on students. If they were allowed to wear free dresses any intruder can enter the school without even getting caught and can risk lives. So a uniform will quickly differentiate between students and some other outer personalities.

3. It shows unity and discipline

Imagine a troop of soldiers or a group of surgeons all of them the one thing that’s common in them is their dress code. Dress codes show their responsibility towards their duty. Similarly uniform will give a sense of discipline and unity among students.

4. School uniforms make it easier to get ready for school

No more worrying about what to wear! Students can quickly put on their uniforms and get to school on time. Time can be better utilized for other activities rather than choosing out what outfit will look best. One of the best reasons for school uniforms? No more arguing about what to wear in the morning!

5. School uniforms create economics for their parents

At the beginning of the school year, you are only purchasing school uniforms. Uniforms are sturdy and designed to stand up to repeated washings. Parents find that they only need to buy a new set of school uniforms. Saves money on trying to purchase the latest trendy fashions.