Leadership consists of facilitating group interaction, member participation, and completion of the task. Leadership can be ascribed or earned. An ascribed leadership is inherent in a person's status or position while earned leadership is functional that is you work hard in order to reach there. Whenever a group forms assigning a leader to the group is the first question that arises. The group cannot devote full attention to the task until and unless they have agreed on a leader. There are many types of leaders based on people. Find out which one of them you are:

1.Authoritarian leader

This type of leader generally makes and announces decisions. They exert a high degree of control over other group members. They may solicit information from group members, but their opinions are not taking into consideration while giving a decision, it is purely the wish and decision of the leader. He or she is simply not concerned of others approval everybody has to follow them. Generally, the dictators come under this type of leadership. So are you an authoritarian leader?

2.Authoritarian democratic leader

This type of leader makes a decision and then convinces the group members about it. Information might be solicited from group members but their opinions may or may not be taken into consideration. He or she desires group cooperation with the solution he presented and thus he works towards persuading the group towards the quality of his decisions. Have you been doing the same?

3.Democratic leader

This type of leader takes suggestion and ideas form his or her group regarding decisions. They support team efforts and ask for questions or queries whenever they present a decision. They encourage team members to participate in the group activities .The decisions are generally taken by voting. The quality of work this type of group members deliver are the highest. DId you find yourself as one of the democratic leaders?

4.Non-directive leader

He or she defines the goals, invites discussions, and modifies ideas based on the suggestions of group members, they are there to support the group instead of lead the group. Decisions are generally taken by consesus if it fails then majority voting is done to take a decision.

These were some major type of group leaders. A leader should always remember one thing that he must consider himself and his co-workers as a team united together. It's not only one person who does all the work it's the joint effort of all of them. So, when you are choosen for leadership choose wisely which kind of leader you want to become. The one your co-workers look forward to and gets inspired from or the one who is always the center of bitching and who never lifts his team.