In digital communication, emoji serves the purpose of translating emotions to express facial expressions. As such, emoji solve the inability to express gestures and emotions by allowing users to communicate through a variety of picture characters to express opinions, feelings, and personality.

When we need to convey a message through texting we can always go for an emoji to make the reader understand our exact emotions. Generally, during texting, you can’t read the senders face or their emotions and can sometimes miss interpreting what they’re saying. Here emojis are helpful.

for example, Suzan’s friend invited her to a dinner party and here’s the conversation

Rita: Hey Suzan, can you come over for a dinner party tonight at my place.

Suzan: I’m sorry I can’t. I’m not free tonight. Maybe some other day.

Rita: ok

you can all see Suzan’s reply looks a bit harsh as we read the texts but her intentions were not like that.

Now here’s a conversation including emoji that are actually related to Suzan’s emotions and reasons.

Rita: Hey Suzan, can you come over for a dinner party tonight at my place.

Suzan: I’m sorry I can’t 😕. I’m not free tonight. Maybe some other day 🤗.

Rita: No worries 😀

Now can you see the difference these similies made? You can always use emojis as your storyteller.

Researchers found that emoticons, when used in conjunction with a written message, can help to increase the “intensity” of its intended meaning. Your message is easily assigned by using emoji expressions. They boost the emotional side of your brain, thus expanding the complete essence of the message and increasing the emotional effect of the reader.

Verbal signs may not be as expressive since few people don’t have outstanding talent in verbal communications. People may talk with an inexpressive tone, or simply they can be shy.

There are a number of benefits offered by Emojis, finally, it’s time to break through the dams of the verbal expressions.
With using emojis, we can understand somebody’s verbalized comical tendency in a natural way, so emojis clarify what someone is authentically saying, avoid awkward writing situations, and express words more creatively.



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