The Indian cuisine comprises of different types of food from the whole country. India food is full of flavors and aromas. It is adored by the world. Many documentaries have been made on Indian food. The foreigners especially Italians love Indian food as the spices used are similar to them. Some of the shows based on Indian food are David Rocco's Dolce India,Twist of Tasteseries-Twist of Taste A Sweet Life,TOT Coastal CurriesandPersian Trail by Vikas Khanna. These are some shows based on Indian food. Indian cuisine cannot be categorized as one so it is divided into different parts like north Indian food, south Indian food, Mughlai food, Gujarati food, Bengali cuisine. Let us take a look at some of the Indian cuisine:

1.North Indian food

Starting from north India the Rogan josh of Kashmir is a dish to die for if you are a non-vegetarian, slow-cooked meat in aromatic curry is all one can want. The famous Kashmiri kawa tea is also well known for its taste. Moving on to Punjab's Makke ki Roti and Sarson da Saag, Cholle bhature the most famous Punjabi dish everyone has heard about and it tastes delicious too. Dehli's Rajma Chawal, Lucknawi or Awadhi biryani or the Mughlai cuisine of Lucknow is world famous. The saalan,sattu and Litti chokha of Bihar and the sweet dish thekua made during chat puja are some special dishes in the north Indian cuisine. Some of the other famous north Indian dishes are parathe, butter chicken, Kashmiri dum aloo, Rajma chawal, Lassi is some north Indian hot and spicy delicacies that are mouthwatering.

2.South Indian food

The south Indian food speaks for itself in taste. The delicious vadas, dosa idlies, uttampas, appams are the famous foods among the south Indians served along with various types of chutneys and sambhar these are served in Kerala and surrounding areas. They have also sweets like Mysore pak, Kesari bath. While the Andhra people have the spiciest food Hyderabadi cuisine, which includes delicacies like biryani, dum ka murgh (chicken cooked in Hyderabadi style),baghara baingan(eggplant), and achaari subzi (vegetable gravy with the taste of pickles) and many more dishes. The south Indian Shrimp coconut curry and fish curries are some other famous delicacies.

3.The western region food

Though there is no such name as western cuisine because in the western region the cuisine is further categorized into Gujarati, Rajasthani, Maharashtrian, and Goanese. The Rajasthani food includes sweet and spicy dishes Food is mainly influenced by the arid region they consist of sweets like balushahi,mava cake, Ghevar, Imarti, Rabdi. The famous daal batti churma is a must try. Laal maas, Mohan mass is a treat for every non- vegetarian.

Coming to the sweet and a little spicy Gujarati cuisine, they mainly consist of snacks like Khaman, Dhokla, Patra, their main food is sweet daal, khandvi,thepla handvo. These are somewhere between sweet and spicy but they will surely make you want them more.

The Maharashtrian food is most famous for its vada pav, that surely most of us have tried and if you have not tried a Mumbai's vada pav you are missing out a really important thing in your life. Their famous dishes like kolambi masala, crab curry, amti,kadhi,stuffed pomfret are the foods you must try in Maharashtra. Goa is located near a water body is famous for its seafood such as pomfret, fried fish and many other Catholic dishes that are regional to goa. Vindaloo is very famous goan dish.

4.Bengali food

We have all heard of mishti doi and rasgulla of Bengal. The nawabs of Dhaka brought Mughlai cuisine to Bengal. Kolkata's is very famous for its sandwich,puchka,jhal muri, and other snacks and sweets are very famous in the Bengal region. They have shukto for starters, fish for the main course and the sweets for desserts accompanied by a number of chutneys, rice, and dals. Bengali food is most famous for its sweets or mishti.

These were some of the things that come under Indian cuisine, they all come from different regions and have a different taste to them, but the one thing that remains common to them is the use of spices and aromaticity of the dishes that can make anyone drool instantly.



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