Reality Behind Indian Restaurants

Charmy Patel
Jun 30, 2019   •  12 views

We have visited so many restaurants and hotels and had breakfasts, lunch or dinner there and sometimes Is it happens that we fall sick the next day or even worse catch some disease. Have you ever thought what is the state of the kitchen where your food had been cooked, was it clean and hygienic enough was the food freshly made or was just defrosted? Every restaurant ranging from a smallest to largest are after one thing and that is profit and in doing so they compromise the quality of the ingredients. Here are some points that you will want to check out:

1.Don't go to restaurants on Monday or Tuesday

The food they will serve you will be most probably the leftovers of the weekend or the Ingredients they will use will be the ones remaining on the weekend. And don't go to a restaurant that doesn't attract too much crowd because they stack their ingredients and use them only to serve you so that they can cut the cost of new ingredients.

2. The all-you-can-eat buffet is a total waste of money

They sound so good and tasty and you feel that you will be able to complete it but do you ever realize you are eating less than the value you are paying food also till the time you are served the main course your stomach is already full with the starters and by these ways they increase their profits. And the main course in the unlimited buffet is almost the leftovers from the previous day.

3. Hygiene is a major concern

In the restaurants above 5 stars, the hotels have a standard procedure for maintaining hygiene but have you ever that does this apply to our normal restaurants also the answer is NO.

As it occurs maintaining hygiene takes a lot of efforts and time and generally, it's not the topmost priority and therefore you can find rotting vegetables or stale meat in their cold storages. Even sometimes we can find hair in our food that is because the chefs don't wear appropriate attire and cover them wholly and that is my we sometimes find their hairs in our food which is utterly unhygienic.

4. Food inspections happen merely for their namesake

The food inspector knows each and every detail of what chemicals and stale ingredients the restaurants are using but he still passes the restaurants why? Obviously, he is fed money it's a win-win situation for both the parties.

Be careful of what you eat ask questions if you find something odd it your right you are paying them.