Paris- The City You Will Never Forget

Charmy Patel
Jun 26, 2019   •  17 views

Paris is called the City of love, Lights, and Dreams as we all know. most of the people have a common dream that is to visit Paris once in their lifetime. What is so special about it, why people love to go there and suggests others to do the same? Paris encourages you to live life, its beauties inspire you, It gives you your own time to explore and unravel Paris beauties and it surely delights your senses be it food Parisian food, clothes, or scenic beauties or the romantic walks it will all please you.

French is called the language of love whether you understand it or not but the language surely makes you happy while hearing to it. Its streets are wide making it good enough for long romantic walks with your partner, or just walks with yourself but it is sure that at every corner you will find food, live music which you can freely dance to, cafes where you can linger for hours. Discover the city or just take in the delicacies of Paris it's up to you but they both will please you. Lovely gardens, boat trips on the Seine River, cafés, flower shops, amazing romantic restaurants, walking in the streets holding each other closely, sitting on benches without anybody bothering you.

Also, Paris is a very photogenic city. May, September, and October offer extraordinary blue skies and sunsets. Nowhere else can beat a walk along the Seine. There is a lot to love about the city than just a person to walk with.

The music on the streets, the food by the roadside, the cafes every corner, the elegant architecture, the gardens, the palaces, the structures, the museums, the chateaux, the wine, the boat rides, the language (even if you don't understand a single word but just the music it creates.. J'taime mon amour) now imagine yourself walking down the lanes of Paris with the person you love blissful isn't it?. Pont des Arts have seen so many lovers lock their love away on it, and throwing away the key so that they can be always together.

Paris is a food heaven to you if you are a foodie, it offers you rich savory meals, patisserie which delights you and makes your heart wanting more and of course, its world-renowned wine is a must try.

It is also called the city of lights as the illuminated Paris at night should be a must watch thing in your bucket list. Most of the bridges in Paris are illuminated, and the sparkling buildings and the beautifully illuminated Eiffel tower is the cherry on the cake. The midnight strolls are the most beautiful thing you can experience in Paris.

Paris is also a city that provokes you, plays with you, inspires you, teases you, teaches you, embraces you. It has become a strong brand because it keeps delivering its love promise. Get the taste of Paris at least once in your life, it will change you forever.