Kabir Singh - A Delight To Watch But How Real Is It ?

Charmy Patel
Jun 29, 2019   •  14 views

The biggest movie of this time can be said as Kabir Singh starring Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani in a very beautifully painful love story. As its popularity is increasing day by day as well as it's business is crossing crores, new reviews and compliments are been given by fans .It can be said as "A must watch" movie of all the time.

The male character ‘Kabir’ is a very aggressive, career devoted, broken, and violent man. On the other hand, the female character ‘pretty’ is shown to be a very normal girl with beautiful face, calm, loving, shy, caring, silent, and nurturing soul. They’re shown to be complete opposites and we know that this kind of love stories grabs most of the attention because it’s always very interesting to watch how they fall in love.

Now, talking about the movie is a must watch if you want to enlighten yourself With a love story. Very classic, romantic and interesting. Moreover, the movie if watched once for enjoyment is very great but when the thought of has something which makes you feel that it’s a too filmy thing and not so real.

Here are some things which I observed in the movie that I found to be very filmy and could have been portrayed differently. Also, I’ve added some facts that I really loved about it.

1. Kabir Singh’s introduction

He was by his dean as a student who’s best at almost everything except anger management. He was provoked in the match and punches his opponent so was suspended. But he refuses to apologize saying “this is me, I have no regrets.” Also, he says one more line where he clearly informs that ‘ I’m not a rebel without the cause’ which quite point at how pure his character is at heart.

2.His falling in love at first sight

His intentions for Preeti were never for pleasure. He genuinely had feelings for her. It’s shown here that Kabir was about to leave the college but stayed when he saw Preeti because he fell in love with her. That seems quiet filmy because nowadays that’s almost impossible.

3. Preeti’s character

Her character is not given any kind of freedom. The very first line that we hear from her is her asking a question to Kabir “ what do you like in me?” The character could have been given more lines. The whole focus was on Kabir that it felt like Preeti's character had very little role to play in it.

4. It is shown that Kabir never really listened to Preeti.

He always orders her. He orders her to sit on the first bench. He orders her to male friendship with a fluffy healthy chick. He orders her to leave the class in front of everyone and takes her with him and teaches her. Who is so much submissive in today’s era that doesn’t question the fellow about his such behavior. Moreover, he kissed her on the very first day he met her. It looked like a senior boy doingthings he wanted because of he like a junior girl who seemed too scared of him that she couldn’t really object.

5. The slapping scene

In a scene, Kabir dis-respects Preeti's parents and slaps her too saying that if she won’t convince her parents for their marriage their relationship would be over. That seemed like taking it too far. Tough Preeti is shown coming back to meet him, the scene looked too filmy and almostnobody would handle such level of disrespect.

These are something out of many which were too common to notice. The movie’s end is very happy and makes us glad and satisfied. Not criticizing the movie I myself love it but this was just a way to bring out the points which get hidden under the very romantic story.