It’S Okay Not To Have A Plan

Charmy Patel
Jun 30, 2019   •  27 views

Life is pretty fast to have everything planned. Also, not everything goes as well as it was planned so, it’s okay not to have a plan. Having a plan and always working according to it can make your local life boring and monotonous. Leaving life on its own can sometimes help you find undiscovered ways that would change your theories of happiness.

In one of the TEDx talks by Mithila Parker, she describes a journey of a well known mainstream actor and his “plans” for his ahead life. His journey started with a plan. A plan to meet his celebrity crush and not as a fan but some person as part of showbiz. This was his ultimate plan.

He left his house and moved to the big city. He starts grabbing small roles in theaters and televisions. And through the years, he developed a passion and love for his work. He forgot about his ultimate plan to meet the celebrity and now he is even bigger than her teenage crush. So things tend to happen for him through the small passions.

Following one’s passion has never been an easy path. On every step, you need to explain yourself to people. Every time decides to do something the results are always unpredictable. The only thing you know is that you won’t regret your decision because you choose to follow your passion. Taking little steps following your passion will always take to some place where you’ll be happy and satisfied.

At the start, there will be many times when you will walk an empty and busy road silently. Thinking about the decisions you took and what it has led to. Negative thoughts will fill in the brain and everything will conspire you to quit just because that will be the easiest path to take that time. Taking the next step ahead will always be difficult but you need to carry on with the journey.

You will have to hustle and you know nothing worth comes easy. Not everyone needs to follow a predefined path. For some these unplanned decisions creates the best part of their lives.