We often look at our wardrobes and feel like we don't have the right types of clothes to wear to a certain occasion or in general but with a simple few tricks we can make our clothes stylish and trendy within seconds, we don't have to get expensive clothes to look the part, these simple hacks can surely change your day. Here are some of them:

1.High waist jeans

  • This is the one for short to medium height people, often we feel that our height is an issue and some clothes just drape us and we look even smaller in them. Never wear a belt with this outfit. These jeans look fabulous with loose t-shirts too just tuck the shirt and use a belt for this outfit.

Now here's an outfit you can try which will surely make you look longer and you will be more confident:

Pair high waist jeans with crop tops and see the wonder.

2.nude colored inner under White tops or any upper clothing

Whenever you wear white colored inner under any white top or kurta or shirts these look extremely odd and are clearly visible this look just doesn't work, while if you wear nude colored inners they merge with the white and are not visible under the white.

3.Tuck the bottom of jeans

IF you are having jeans longer than your legs and they are cutting your legs at height that makes your legs appear smaller, tuck them or fold them about half an inch or appropriate length according to your height, this will not only make them look more stylish but will also help in making your legs look longer and at a better angle.

4.White shoes

If you want to wear jeans and can't decide what footwear to pair with it a pair of trendy white shoes are your answer. These go with every jeans and makes you look cool, stylish and sporty. And not only do they look good with jeans but they also look perfect with short dresses.Check out the next point where white shoes are paired with Indian outfit.

5.Traditional yet trendy and modern

If you are going for a traditional look but still want to give a modern feel to wear ankle length churidars leggings or jeggings under the kurtas. This will give the outfit the little modern yet traditional feel or if you are choosing to wear high slit kurtas pair them with jeans they give the modern edge to the outfit.

you can simply make your outfit ultra-stylish by wearing heavy long silver neckpieces or just heavy earrings. This is currently in trend now and has been worn by almost every actress. This combo makes your outfit a boho outfit by default.

and when you pair your jewelry be sure to check which colored jewelry goes with your outfit if it is a gold-based color outfit go with copper or gold jewelry. If it is darker colors go with silver or oxidized jewelry.

6.T-shirts and jackets or shrugs

If you are having an oversized t-shirt try forming a knot at whichever side you prefer this makes you look slimmer and adds trend to your outfit.

If sleeveless tops and t-shirts are not your thing you and you want to wear one of those without being uncomfortable here's the hack wear a denim or military jacket or wear shrugs long or short of your preference

7.Vertical stripes

Stripes are back in fashion but to choose the right kind of stripes are important. IF you are a little healthy or are short-sighted try wearing vertical stripes they make you look slimmer and taller and are totally in fashion right now.

These were some simple hacks which can be daily used to make your outfit more fashionable and trendy.