Comparison Between Hollywood And Bollywood

Charmy Patel
Jun 30, 2019   •  171 views

On a boring afternoon, a get together with friends, a date, or at least a lonely night when you have nothing else to do, Films or movies are one of the best and most common ideas for most of us.Nowadays one can see movies at the cinema or just on the TV in front of the couch. Films are a means of creative expression and perform the functionality of mass media. Films have the potential to play an important role as a medium of entertainment, information, and education as a catalyst for social change and awareness. After all, this, if we think of the popularity of films the most important reason is the entertainment they provide us with. In this Morden world of technology, there can hardly be someone who has not watched a film. Now according to the survey of 2018, the global box office is worth $41.7 billion. When including box office and home entertainment revenue, the global film industry is worth $136 billion as of 2018.Hollywood is world’s oldest national film industry in terms of box office and gross revenue whereas Indian cinema also known as Bollywood is the largest national film industry in terms of a number of films produced and tickets sold. Both of these produce a large number of movies that have evolved over the past few centuries with unique and distinct characteristics while being comparable in a few manners.

Hollywood is the district that is situated North West of Downtown Los Angeles in the state of California but the first thought that strikes our mind when we hear the word is about the American Film Industry. The cinema of the United States, referred to as Hollywood has a profound effect on cinema across the world since 20 the century. It was originated more than 121 years ago. American film studios today generate several hundred films every year, with the highest number of screens, and are the highest-grossing film industry in the world. The first film of Hollywood is In Old California filmed in 1910 by D.W.Griffith.

India is the largest producer of films in the world and the second oldest film industry in the world which originated around about 105 years ago. The largest film and most popular industry in India is the Hindi Film Industry mostly concentrated in Mumbai also called Bombay and is referred as Bollywood, an amalgamation of Bombay and Hollywood. The first Bollywood movie was filmed in 1913 named 'Raja Harishchandra'. Indian films or we can say Bollywood films are basically on the matters like education, information social awareness, the transmission of culture, etc.

Now if we watch the patterns of Hollywood movies they go by a certain way. In Hollywood first of all the story is written and then the actors are selected as per the role in most of the films. Hollywood movies are usually of one, two or maximum two and a half hour. They usually don’t have many songs that may lead us out of the story. In Hollywood, we can see a lot of top rates and paid actors working in the same movie without any ego crashes for example movies like Avengers Infinity War, Avengers End Game, Star Wars, and many more. Moreover, more equality among actresses and actors is seen in Hollywood. We can see an actress leading in movies such as hunger games, tomb raider, wonder woman, etc. Talking about the storyline of Hollywood, we can see a strong story which gets even better after they spend money on VFX and advanced technology. Most of the movies Hollywood makes are based on the adventurous human spirit, various issues like bordering on human sensitivity and realities. Moreover, there are also some things Hollywood movies shows which makes us question their logic for example in most of the Hollywood movies which include outer space creatures and aliens they show that aliens always attacks the U.S. and no other area or country of the world. Some other like most of the colleges and schools they show in their movies concentrate on baseball, basketballs, proms, parties more and less on academics. Hence these and many more out of logic questions arise when we watch Hollywood movies, but after all, they never fail to entertain us.

Bollywood movies are very different as compared to Hollywood movies because here it includes many songs, an interval between the movies, and you can find action, drama, comedy, tragedy, romance everything in the same movie. The time duration of a Bollywood movie is at least two or three hours. Here in Bollywood, there is a certain kind of competition where more than one mega superstar won’t work with another big star due to ego problems. There are hardly some movies which have multiple heroes like Dhamal, Welcome, etc. Moreover, in Bollywood actress are considered less valuable as compared to actors. There were days when Bollywood won’t make movies led by actresses still there are some movies where actresses take the lead such as Kahani, Padmavati, etc. Here more priority is given to the beauty of an actress than her talent. We can say that now as the culture is accepting modernization Bollywood has too started to match its footsteps with it. The example to this is the acting of actress Bhoomi pendekar in the movie “or Laga ke haisha” where she had played the role of a heavy housewife and still got a lot of positive reviews and was appreciated for her talent. Bollywood movies appeal more to the sentimental and emotional side of human nature. Here are some illogical things Bollywood movies include such as when the actors dance on the streets all the unknowns walking by will join them and follow same dance steps, the hero stays alive after taking several bullets until he saves the love of his life, a guy can solve any detective case when he gets suspended from his duty, and much more of such silly facts. After all, the thing that makes Bollywood movies social is this kind of hilarious comedy and a mix of emotions typically called as “masala”.

Thus, we can say that Bollywood and Hollywood have a lot of similarities and differences. We can see more of differences than similarities due to the culture of the western culture and Indian culture. The main fact is that western film industry focuses more on the intellectual, realistic and adventurous side of every possible thing they come through whereas Indian film industry has mostly focused more on strong culture, firm religious beliefs, and low exposure to western culture which includes scenes of nudity and intense romance. Indian or Bollywood films are more likely to be watched with the whole family where people of each age group are provided with entertainment. We cannot judge any one of them for being the best among each other because both of them are so good at their own places that judging them won’t ever end.