Friendship- when we hear this word, most of us think about our friends and family, while some of us,

just some of us, think about the other family we have, the furry friends- the pets. When a pet, be it a

dog or a cat or birds or any other animal, enters our life, it makes us a little more responsible, a little

more sensitive, a little more kind than the world, a lot of which the world actually needs.
So here is a story for all those sensitive hearts who would surely feel what is written if they love


Two friends were passing through a dense forest. Suddenly, they heard an agony of an animal. They
applied breaks to their jeep, by which they were returning from a long trip. It was frightening to hear

a scream, that too in the pitch silence of midnight. They rushed towards the forest and moved
forward, struggling to push away the bushes. When they reached there, they saw a white rabbit,
with blood spilt over his fur, struggling to get up. As they got closer, they noticed an arrow that had

pierced through his back. They were terrified to see such a painful sight. It didn’t take them long to

decide whether to take it with them or not. One of them pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket
and the other picked it up lightly and took it along with them. As soon as they reached to their jeep,

they drove off towards the city, with the rabbit on the lap of one of them.
They soon found a veterinarian as they entered the city, and got the rabbit’s wound bandaged. They
took the rabbit to their home to take care of it. Days passed as the rabbit healed. Both of them used

to give it food and play with it. Both the rabbits and the two friends got attached to one another.
But, as soon as their family got to know about the rabbit they recommended both of them to sell it.
Both of them refused furiously every time any of the family members used to begin this topic. Tired
of the continuous effort, their family finally gave up. The bond of friendship, love and care was
clearly to be seen, and the two best friends had turned to three.

Live life loving the beings who need it. Respect the lives who protect us, consider this globe as a

family. Care and be concerned about each living creature as they are our responsibility.