Have You Got Your Right Person?

Jul 01, 2019   •  133 views

"leave room in your soul for the love that you deserve"

Aren’t we all unhappy because we keep looking for happiness in wrong places? Aren’t we all messed up because we keep looking for love inside shallow souls with empty hearts? Aren’t we all disappointed because we keep looking for shine in the eyes that will never see who we are as a person or that will never see what makes us who we are?

Where do we go wrong and why?

We cling to the person who shows even a slight affection for us and we tend to make that our reality. We firmly hold on to find hope in them, despite the confusion, the pain and the emotional turmoil. We hold on to the small reasons of finding happiness in them despite the truth that they are the reason of our unhappiness, most of the time. We refuse to see who they truly are. And when we do see, we are left into pieces, pieces which refuse to fall back into their place, soul crushed and smushed; and heart irrevocably wounded.

But one day, we meet this person- this beautiful person who treats us the way we have always wanted to be treated. This person who showers us with so much love and respect that we ourselves don’t know what to do with it. Once we come across this person, everything begins to fall into place and we know this person is the right person.

"We meet thousands of people and none of them really touch us. And then, we meet this one person and our life is changed forever."

This right person accepts us in our entirety- with all our flaws and darkness, with all our burdens and struggles, with all our blemishes and rough corners which we keep hiding from everyone else. This right person knows how to deal when we feel like a mess and hold on to us when we ourselves don’t feel like holding on to ourselves anymore. They hold us as tightly as they could to save us from falling apart and do not leave when everyone else does.

This right person looks at us with gentle eyes and kind heart, making us forget the hurt and pain and makes everything okay. They chose to stay honest even if it hurts, to make us strong and a better person. They do not fix everything for us but stay with us while we fix ourselves and motivates us.

This person enters our life at the most unexpected time in the most unexpected way and despite our refusal to let anyone in, they manage to enter for the good. They bring with them the kind of light we’ve always looked for in the wrong places. They delve in our lives in such a way that we refuse to leave them even when circumstances force us to leave. We refuse to build home in anyone’s heart but theirs.

Have you got your right person?

If not, wait. Do not rush but wait!

Don’t settle for anything less when you know you deserve the best!

Wait for the right person and when you come across such a person who has everything you’ve been searching for, you’ll feel happy about your decision to wait.



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Bhavya   •  28w  •  Reply
Sure girl :)
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You are welcome. I have written a few more articles check it out in free time.
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Thanks a lot monali 🙏💜
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Thank you laksh :)
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Nice one!
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Nic work