Are We Really Interested In Anything Else.

Farheen Sabahath
Jul 11, 2019   •  2 views
  • It will not be an exaggeration to give the above title for this article focusing on three of the most important activities we Indians engage ourselves either observing them or being a part of them.

  • When was the last time when you saw a Bollywood cinema, appreciated the work of a Director, watched a trailer of an upcoming movie in a multiplex, or just cursed the production house for making a flop movie? May be it was just few hours before when you had switched off your television or computer doing that. Which Cricket tournament was the one you last followed and had lost a bet with your friend for a player not performing as predicted? .

  • It could be an ongoing bet as you read this article with the result yet to come! And last but certainly not the least, you would have definitely not missed reading about politics or watching an Indian politician giving an explanation over a controversy.

  • Indians breathe in every day with these areas of profession giving us a reason to exuberate, gossip, to flaunt our knowledge and to quickly grab attention of the people we are walking along with. No doubt, Bollywood, cricket and politics are the binding factors for the people of our nation. We rejoice in a festive mood and extend our full support when our team wins, a Bollywood blockbuster touches our hearts or a political party claims to achieve something great, but is not this binding at the cost of negligence of other important areas we should give heed to?

  • Looking on the other side of the picture, we leave out issues like poverty, population, unemployment, corruption and terrorism from our daily scope of discussion. Happenings like SHOAINA’s Wedding, IPL controversies, Bollywood gossips of film stars, and a party’s stand on an issue attracts our attention and make us talk, think, debate and stereotype people associated with these professions.

  • Reason being the far deserving attention given to them by our media. You might be aware of the auction amount of IPL franchises but you might not be aware of the misery our country is facing at a macroscopic level.

  • Its only when we think, discuss, spread our constructive ideas, do something productive about the important issues of reducing poverty, unemployment etc. that we can contribute in gigantic efforts required in eliminating them.

  • It becomes an important responsibility of the youth of our nation to give due importance to obstacles in the growth of our country. At the present rate of development, the vision 2020 seems to remain just a dream than a possible accomplishment.