I have read and listened in different occasions the importance of not procrastinating,so actually, is procrastinating a bad thing to do? then how about precrastinating? getting all the works done long before the due time. That does sound better right?. But the truth is that both are not good enough in their own aspects.

Lets break some facts down to make things clear.

Consider a boy named rahul ,who believes in precrastinating and gets all the assignments and works given to him completed within two or three days after he is assigned it. The good thing is that he will get lot of time to work on other things and may be sometime to relax,but the work he submitted doesn't have to be something creative or novel, just because he didn't spend any time on coming up with new ideas and he used the knowledge which he had earlier to complete the work. New ideas never comes that easily ,for that we have to put up some time and constantaly upgrade our skills and talents , but there arises another question of how long should we wait? if we wait till the last moment it will be procrastinating . The answer is we should start working in somewhat middle time well i call it pre-procrastination. The reason why i dont suggest procrastination even after knowing its the easiest way to produce killer ideas is because the works done by procrastinating are often of lesser standards, you may come up the most creative idea but the time left for you to give a complete output is very less and eventually you will be submitting with half-heart.

According to legends too much of anything is not good , the same applies here also, so learn to preprocrastinate.

Good luck..................................