• The term Engineering derived from the word Engineer , The term Engineering itself has a much more emytology , Engineer is a person who " Operates the engine ".

  • In the Ancient Era , The Alibi on the name of the AL-Jazari built the pumping machines for the king of the Turkish dynasty and their places . Later on he also developed innovations to segmental gears , mechanical controls , clocks etc. for operating the machines .

  • In the Renaissance Era , the steam engine was built in 1698 by the mechanicxal engineer Thomas Savery . After the development of this device , it resulted in the rise of Industrial revolution .

  • After the rise of the Engineering as a profession in the mid of 18th century , The term was dynamically applied on the feilds in which the mathematics and science were applied to these end.

  • Engineering , this is the work which we are performing since the begining stage of life . The Engineering is about to lower the down the stress and the efforts of the Human beings to do something like the most basic work that is to prepare food to eat . In the ancient times the living beings used to eat the raw food like raw flesh , raw vegetables and etc . Therefore , there started Engineering by which the Human beings used to eat there food by cooking the raw materials with the help of fire . There are many discoveries by Human Beings after the discovery of fire the people used it for many thing like keeping there living place warm and many much , few years later the Human Beings discovered stoves to cook food and the flow of discoveries is still in continuation , the discoveries inspires the people to lower down the human efforts for there work . Engineers are the persons which works to do so .