Mental Health For Teens Is Not Just A 'thing'

Ashwin Kumar
Apr 17, 2019   •  250 views

Fading away from nothing but yourself can be a thing, not just a thing but more than that.
It can be about just sorrow or being upset for no reason whatsoever. The suffering is something which cannot be measured through some instrument. You cannot say if its more or less.

Mental health, apart from being much of a taboo in the world, there is still an unknowledgeable environment surrounding this particular topic.

“Why I feel what I feel?”

The unanswered question takes a deep dive in many minds. These days, the teenagers are the major prey. Let's talk about a teenage mind first. How being a young adult differs from being an adult. The teenage mind when comapared, results in a vulnerable state from others. It can be said that perceiving the pace of growing up and trying to fathom the numerous questions of achievement and success, they began to feel a state which is actually unknown to such a rudimentary budding mind. Discussions, communication and sharing, these are the initial steps which can be taken to console them, and make them understand about certainty more than failure in a way.

Being through this phase, I realised there are a few series of incidents which later takes the form of symptoms and can be seen in young people. Their mind deviates and decides for themselves. The control gets mishandled and suffer consequences of these symptoms.

The major setback which creates a mess in the mind is isolation.
The feeling of isolation can be the primary concern and a major cause for a depressed phase. This happens due to some minor factors which encourages isolation.

On a scale, it starts from Clinical depression to Severe Depressive phase. Moving on to a serious level if not taken care and proper knowledge it can lead up to Delusion and Psychosis, the phases which causes disconnection with reality.

However, lets look at some more symptoms which can be seen.

  1. Appetite: The normal appetite of human being reduces in this phase, the sense of being not hungry results in loss of energy which ultimately leads to weakness. The appetite is in a way related to how the mind takes over the body. The thinking capacity reaches a point where eating doesn't take a seat in class of necessities of human body.

  2. Body aches: When the energy is eliminated, the body begins to lose its control too. Mediocre to severe, the pain starts taking place and the reason remains nothing but loss of energy. However the conceptual relation of human mind and body is seen here too.

  3. Misled Sleep Cycle: Its nothing new in teenagers, the idea of staying up late and not sleeping can lead to many conclusions. Although, this case brings a different turn to the misled sleep cycle in young adults. This varies from the phase of not having enough sleep or not sleeping at all to sleeping for hours. This results in not having enough energy and disinterested attitude towards basic commodities of livelihood

  4. Loss of interest: The aftermath of all above factors have a common reason which is 'Loss of interest'. The things which were liked and used to evoke interest cease to exist. Laziness, sleeping and appetite cause this ultimate outcome.

  5. Stress, Anxiety and low self esteem: The repercussion caused by the above results in severe agony. It causes stress and anxiety. The individual begins to feel blue all over and starts believing in the fact of being a failure. It causes social anxiety, sudden aggressive attitude towards everything and it becomes more or less difficult to calibrate their own strength and weaknesses.

There are many more factors and symptoms, and sometimes we don't see them, even if we see them, most of us tend to ignore them. The keywords like adolescence and attention begin to create logic to contemplate the emotional pressure.

It is needed to be known that the change in attitude is not always about laziness or carelessness. Sometimes it is beyond our control. Human behaviour has taught me one important thing. When we don’t understand things, we tend to label them as WRONG. Learn to communicate and learn to accept. Things will fall into place when you work for what you lack. Work for what you need, not what you believe you want. ‘Wants’ are temporary, 'Needs' are permanent.

There is no cure for it, as it's not a disease. The taboo surrounding this issue is due to lack of knowledge about mental health. We need to educate the growing young minds about this, losing your mind can happen. Falling into a deep cave of depression can happen. It's not just a thing. Its the thing, which needs attention and care.


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Profile of Spoorthi Gagana S
Spoorthi Gagana S  •  13w  •  Reply
plz do view my blogs too