“Yaam-ini enbathaeyy ini varapogum sandhosangalil kuripaga naan unarkiren, Yaam-ini sandhosamaga irupom endru nambum Yaam-ini” 

Well as you would always say I say movie dialogue I couldn't find better way to start this off ! Probably my first ever write up in life hope I'll get it right. P.s I have forgotten that your taken I'm just writing out of my heart to let you know who you are to me ! Period 😘

Maaeve,  I never felt like writing this to you digitally but I wanted to do it from my hand however I wanted to send this across as soon as I can.. hence going the modern way. 

I don't know how to start and how to end ! You are my daily habit papa.  I lost hope in people, they come in they go out I don't usually be this.. thank you for bringing lot of smiles, happiness , and hope and positivity into my life !  No matter wherever you are and wherever you go ! I ain't giving up on you.. ♥️ forget about it. I dint realize you will mean so much to me..  I'm not goin to promise you anything.  I'm goin to travel with you.  

You are special, too special ! You have made me feel my emotions and made me normal. I couldn't collectively remember the last time I blushed seeing someone or took an effort to write ? 

I'm glad that I'm not goin to be your Valentine ! But I'm rest assure I'm bloody lucky arse in the planet to have you aside me in whatever we are today ! In blink of an eye and matter of days !! You almost latched yourself into me.. 

I can sit and talk anything only for your eyes to glance at me. All the moments of laughter fights stares possessiveness sharing of emotions is surreal and pure ! 

I do agree I have met Soo many women in life ! I found you and I'm going to be contended with you.  ♥️ There won't be anyone like you I'm not putting this in my past I'm challenging my own self onto the future.  

Buttaabommaa 🐣😘: you need to put up with all my shits and dramas henceforth be ready, I will run to you when I'm not ready to talk with anyone .. you will be my beginning and the ending. I'll be honest with you ! Only with you.. I will try to hold every inch in the bit of life to have you in my life at some form. 

Kanmani 😘♥️ I know things will change we will move on in our own life ! Mark it down one call away one message wherever or whatever you will be my first priority ! 

I'm addicted to you papa ! Can't help it. Thanks for every minute of us ! You have revived me.  I promise to protect you like an apple of my eye ♥️ (imai pol kaapen unai) 

“Nila nee vaanam kaatru mazhai en kavithai moochu isai”

“Uyirai thodarnthu varum neethan en Mei ezhuthu naa podum Kai ezhuthu ! Oor ilakiyam nam kaadhal”

“Ettaga anae yedhuru choopuki
Thaginatugaa nuvu badhulu chebithive
Arey devuda idhendhananentha lopate
Pillada anta dhaggarai
Nannu cheradeesthive

Buttabomma butta bomma”

“Paathi jeevan kondu theegam vaazhnthu vanthatho, meethi jeevan unai paartha pothu vanthatho”

“Innisai alapedaayeaah amuthey ilamauyin naan kudaiyeaah” 

“Maaaeve, I have always proud of having you  it's always been you, love you !” ♥️

Happy Valentine's day with your loved one sweetheart may you be blessed and be in love ! ♥️🐣🐥

—— With lots of everything :

                             Otis 🐥🐣