*Webcam on*


They still did it... They still...did...I gave them everything they wanted but they still did it

*Throat Slit*


*24 hours ago*

*Selfie click*

Parish: Looks like I got a good upload after all

Silvia: Come on Parish, you all most upload a picture every 2 minutes... Even instagram might crash looking at your activities

Parish: yeah yeah yeah babes now look here and say cheeeese!

*Selfie click*


*At a restaurant*

Parish: (looking at the phone) Hey did you know Marcus was dating Chloe, they have uploaded a picture

Silvia: Parish, for godsake this is a restaurant... please put you phone down and eat you food

Parish: Ah! Food (clicks photos of food) (Silvia gets irritated)


Silvia: Parish...you are addicted to that thing...you really need to get out of it...

Parish: Silvia...I am just gonna stop you here...who has 5600 followers? Me, whose posts get more that 3000 likes and comments? My posts. So rather than getting jealous better work on you social life girl

Silvia: And become like you, no thanks

Parish: Well then bye bye


*Clicks Selfie and Captions back home*

*Starts a LIVE video and says casually"ok guys now its time for a shower bye bye"*

Goes in for a bathe and takes the phone with her

*clicks a goodnight selfie and sleeps*


*Clicks a good morning selfie and checks phone*

*Voice message opens*

*Scrambled voice*

Hello Queenie365, you are quite a celebrity in the social world. We are a big fan and as your fans we want our share of fan service. If you are unable to deliver then...Well...you can just take a look below.



The irony is that even while going, Parish recorded and uploaded her death

In order to achieve a particular social status, do not expose everything about yourself

There are a numerous amount of social predators like Bozak who target the most open and socially vulnerable people

Check before you allow anyone into your social life